Birds of the Magaliesberg 2023

DAM WALL When you reach the Hartbeespoort dam wall note that parking is available on the far side once through the tunnel. Walk back along the wall and look for various swift species, Rock martins, Verreauxs Eagles and the many other birds that frequent these rocky areas. (Be careful of Hawkers at the parking area) THE ALOE FARM At the Dam Doryn 4 way stop go straight. Just past Brits Poles and over the new road going over Pumpoennek, you will see the nursery and gardens on the left. This area is worth at least an hour or two of exploring and is safe easy walking. The best time for the aloes is the winter months but there is always something to see.

View of the dam from Kosmos

DAM BRIDGE Park on the south side and walk back onto the bridge. On a quiet day one can see a wide variety of birds which could include White-faced Duck, Knob-billed Duck, Comb Duck, Cormorants etc. GPS coordinates:: S 250 45.595 E 027 48.227

The Aloe Nursery is the best place to find the Marico Sunbird. Near the water feature and well laid out indigenous garden, one finds large earth mounds which are the permanent nesting site of the resident White-fronted bee eaters. Also look out for Cape Weavers., Please see the article in our hot spots section. From the Aloe farm travel back to the 4 way stop and turn right going over Kommandonek Follow this road going past Kosmos suburb on the left and turn left past Kashane estate and cross the dam once again.

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