Birds of the Magaliesberg 2023

Kloofs (deep gulleys) & streams Kloof’s occur on the North and South side of the mountain and are characterised by dense forest with tall trees forming a canopy. These include various fig species, Wild Plum,

White Stinkwood, Red Ivory, Quinine tree, Cape Chestnut. These trees are all typical of Northern Temperate forest vegetation and provides an ideal habitat for forest loving bird species. Many of these gullies have fast flowing mountain streams and waterfalls flowing through them. It is worthwhile exploring them, on an ongoing basis, as they are sure to reveal unique species. The NarinaTrogon was recorded in about 2011, in one of these forests at Retiefskloof near Rustenburg.

The dense forest and mountain pools found in Retiefskloof

Some of the magnificent waterfalls in the area (left).An example of the vegetation in moist gulleys

Deep pools near Retiefskloof on the far western point of the Magaliesberg

These areas are recognised as northern temperate forest

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