Flex connects with customers

Since its introducƟon to market, the Flex™ program is resonaƟng with hearing healthcare professionals and exceeding Unitron’s own expectaƟons for market reacƟon. A clear differenƟator for Unitron and for our customers, Flex is creaƟng a new level of exposure for the Unitron brand around the world.

The Flex program was purposefully designed to strengthen Unitron’s porƞolio and service-oriented strategy. The program’s two components, Flex:trial and Flex:upgrade present hearing healthcare professionals (HHCPs) with a unique product and services offering providing them with the ability to offer paƟents no-risk trials, as well as upgradeable hearing instruments.

Removing barriers to acceptance with Flex:trial

Designed to help HHCPs break down barriers to hearing aid adopƟon, Flex:trial is a dramaƟcally new concept providing HHCPs with the ability to fit a paƟent with a same-day trial of a new hearing instrument programmed with the specific technology level best suited to their needs. The paƟent then wears the Flex hearing instruments home to experience the benefits in their own environment, completely risk and obligaƟon-free.

With Flex:trial, an HHCP can program a single hearing instrument to any Unitron technology level (entry through to premium) as many Ɵmes as needed, for the Ɵme period they chose, without having to invest in inventory.

Industry figures show that nearly 50 percent of people newly diagnosed with hearing loss never return for a soluƟon. During the two week “cooling off” period between diagnosis and a soluƟon, paƟents become vulnerable to doubt, uncertainty, the negaƟve percepƟons of others, and oŌen abandon the process. Flex:trial allows HHCPs to offer an opportunity for paƟents to test drive and be convinced of the benefits of hearing instruments before having to purchase. The paƟents have improved quality of life immediately while they wear the hearing instruments in their own situaƟons at home, work and play.

Market response to Flex:trial

Only a few months aŌer its launch to market, Flex:trial demonstrated dramaƟc results, with a customer uptake Unitron’s product management team describes as “amazing.” Already, thousands of Flex:trial units are now in circulaƟon in hundreds of clinics in many countries including Canada, France, Germany, Australia and the United States.

Dr. Salvatore GruƩadauria, Au.D and President and CEO of Diversified Hearing Services is one of the early US adopters of the Flex:trial program. A member of Unitron’s advisory board, Dr. Sal was iniƟally a bit skepƟcal about the program, and worried about having new paƟents walk out of the door with trial hearing aids with no upfront financial commitment. But those concerns fell away as he and his fellow audiologists began seeing strong paƟent interest in Flex:trial. Today, Dr. Sal is very enthusiasƟc about the Unitron program. “Flex:trial has simply been invaluable for those people who have been diagnosed with hearing loss, but who aren’t convinced that the benefits of hearing aids will outweigh the cost. Let’s face it when people walk into a clinic for the first Ɵme, there is a lot of distrust. Flex:trial allows us to immediately demonstrate the benefits of hearing correcƟon, and build rapport and trust with new clients from the first visit.”


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