Dr. Sal admits that Flex:trial demanded his clinics to rethink their business process. “We had to absolutely change the way we approach a new customer – especially those individuals who are uncertain. But taking all this into consideraƟon, Flex:trial has been fantasƟc for our business. In most cases, every person that has done a trial has purchased. It’s opened the door for a whole lot of people.” He relates the story of one client – a director of nursing for a large healthcare insƟtuƟon who, even aŌer being diagnosed with significant high frequency loss, was uncertain if now was the Ɵme to invest in hearing aids. “We provided her with trial hearing aids, and it made such a difference for her. When she returned to the clinic aŌer her first week she told us ‘I can’t be without these!’” Dr. Sal’s experience with Flex:trial is being echoed in clinics around the world. Unitron Germany has one of the largest deployments of the Flex:trial program with thousands of units being uƟlized by customers across hundreds of clinics. One of our customers, who has mulƟple clinics, ordered 200 Flex:trial devices and within a week had quickly turned around to order an addiƟonal 200 devices to saƟsfy the amount of new paƟents trialing Unitron technology. When the Flex:trial program first launched in the US, customers expressed some hesitaƟon as the Flex:trial approach of offering a trial in the first appointment is not a common pracƟce. That opinion has rapidly changed for the posiƟve as clinics have begun to market Flex:trial to paƟents. Many HHCPS are reporƟng a significant jump in direct markeƟng response rates. Direct mailings to customers, which typically yield a 2 percent conversion, are showing an up to 12 percent conversion rate. Many clinics are also reporƟng a significant increase in appointment bookings. “This is a program from Unitron that is not about another hearing instrument. It is a unique program that gives HHCPs new tools to run their business, improve quality of paƟent care, and drive greater pracƟce efficiency,” says Unitron Director of Product Management, Andre de Goeij. “Our customers are already seeing clear evidence that Flex:trial is boosƟng their business performance, allowing them to help more people improve their quality of life.” The average lifespan for a pair of hearing instruments is about 4 to 5 years. Flex:upgrade is a unique program that offers HHCPs an answer to the quesƟon, “what if things change for a paƟent over that Ɵme period?” It allows HHCPs to upgrade the technology level of a paƟent’s Unitron hearing instruments in real-Ɵme within their clinic, addressing a change in preferences , ensuring their paƟent remains happy with their hearing aids and conƟnues to derive benefit from them. Launched iniƟally with a pilot group of customers in the United States, France, Germany and Australia, Flex:upgrade provides HHCPs the ability to “bridge the gap” between hearing instrument purchases. PaƟents can upgrade to a higher technology risk free – paying only the difference between the technology levels. “The Flex:upgrade program is creaƟng quite a buzz among fiƩers in the industry,” says Andre de Goeij. “They recognize that Flex:upgrade is a clear compeƟƟve differenƟator for their pracƟce, allowing them to offer paƟents a service that they can’t obtain from another clinic. With Flex:upgrade, HHCPs have another reason to reach out to clients, offer increased levels of technology and build stronger relaƟonships.” Finding new reasons to connect with Flex:upgrade


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