Ricky Recorder Issue No 48

The Ricky Recorder Issue 48: March 2018

Dear Parents and Carers, What a term it has been, starting with Lord of the Flies in January, for which I had many messages of praise. Well done to all the students, Mrs Curtis and the Performing Arts team. Recently we have had great success in the Careers and Guidance events where we are finalists in the Premier League Enterprise Challenge Final, we have hosted our Year 9 Which Way Now Conference and a select number of students undertook a placement to work with students with moderate to severe learning difficulties at Breakspeare School. At half term we took over 100 students to Italy for their skiing trip and a great time was had by all. Of course it appears they encouraged the snow to follow them into our region. Thankfully we managed to keep the School open during this time and I would like to thank all parents who made that extra effort to get their children to and from school and for their messages of support for keeping

Sports Competition, one of the highlights of the year. It is so pleasing to see Rickmansworth’s sports facilities being used on mass. To have students on the field, on the astroturf, and in the sports hall all participating together is a truly impressive sight. Stockers were the winners this time. The final two events of this term were the Spring Music Concert evening and a new event, Welcome to the Parents of Year 6, who received their allocated places at the beginning of March. We have brought this forward so parents have a chance to collect their introduction booklets and get to know the members of the Senior Leadership team. And of course, while all of this has been going on we have had the redevelopment work of the School, with progress on the new Reception building and the Sixth Form, English and Drama block. We hope that Reception will be open before the end of the Summer Term, and all the external walls are now in place new teaching block. Students on our Student Parliament Expansion Committee have been busy choosing colours and flooring. They have decided to keep the walls white, with white student desks and to introduce colour through the display boards and blinds. For the new building, the architect had originally chosen burnt orange as the colour for the feature wall and the learning steps. However, on listening to the students it was decided to make it green in keeping with the School colours. After Easter we will be opening up the construction site to supervised tours for interested students. Thank you for your support. I wish the Porto Football Tours away this Easter all the very best. Have a great break. Mr K Douglas, Headteacher

Rickmansworth School open. The winners of the MFL Factor

Other great events that have taken place include the MFL Factor for Year 7, in which we not only had songs in French and German, but also had a foreign language spelling bee; I know the Year 7 parents were very impressed. At the weekend we had our Inter-House

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