HABA USA Bestsellers & Under $20 Rep

Dear Specialty Retailer: This 2018 HABA USA mini-catalog brings together the best of all worlds; HABA’s amazing new innovative products, next a section dedicated to highlighting our best sellers in each of our varied categories and then a final section dedicated to HABA products that retail at or below the critical $20 price point. To see the entire range of HABA USA products please refer to our full line catalog. As the winner of the ASTRA Vendor Excellence award of 2017 we want to share with you…


• Diverse Product Offering • HABA is no longer just a wooden toy company • 65% of products in our catalog are non-wood item: Games, Puppets, Dolls, Little Friends, Bath Toys, etc. • Design Quality and Play Value • HABA’s designers create each item to be as engaging & open ended as possible to offer a child multiple levels of play and intellectual and emotional development with the same toy at different ages • HABA’s onsite childcare in Germany is used to watch our toys actually played with; the developers observe play patterns & discover new, different opportunities to improve play • Physical Quality • Both HABA’s German and Chinese manufactured products are made to the highest standards of manufacturing. We create heirloom quality toys in every category, with a strong focus on the “little things” that are so important (i.e.: machine washable Dolls and Puppets, dishwasher safe, printing on both sides of blocks and game figures, ultra-strong bath and beach toys) • You can rely on a HABA toy even when it doesn’t say “Made in Germany” on the packaging. • Pricing Strategy • HABA has gone to great lengths to avoid being “too expensive” for the US Specialty Marketplace. 65% of our products retail for less than $20.00, ensuring retailers success year-round, HABA items are not just for 4th Quarter HABA USA is committed to the continued viability of the Independent Brick & Mortar specialty business. Our MSRP is our MAP 365 days a year, and it is strictly enforced. Our Programs and Freight Allowances are designed to support the Independent Retailer, and our goal is to make it easy for you to be a HABA Partner.

That is why we humbly believe you should be investing in HABA.

Kindest regards,

Lea Culliton, President, HABA USA

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