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Luke Dalgarno DMS Operations Manager

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itesiz e

April 2017

Business Update DMS Property Most will already be aware, but for those newer additions to the Group who may not, DMS is our desktop claims management function based in Stoke. We service circa 3,500-4,000 new claims each month, across a range of first party property classes including household, commercial, travel, personal accident, caravan and mobile phone – along with some more niche work such as beach huts, military kit and ‘hole in one’ golf claims! We’ve grown considerably over the course of the past year, with our team of claims handlers and support functions currently over 120 people strong.




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Net Promoter Score

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% Detractors

One of our key successes this year relates to customer satisfaction surveys and across DMS and the other property desk functions we now consistently achieve 800-900 customer surveys per month. We utilise a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey which provides a score rating based on customer responses to be the following question – “How likely would you be to recommend us to your friends and family based on the service experienced?” – the scoring calculation as outlined below can be a little unforgiving as the only way to achieve a positive score is to obtain more of the really high scores (9 & 10) than we do lower scores (0-6). Those scoring 7 or 8 are considered to be ‘passives’ and are not included within the calculation. Our record high score for an individual client relates to Canopius in March 17 with a score of 80.8 NPS – to put this in perspective, this is a higher score than the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google achieve, and was particularly satisfying as Canopius directly compare our scores to those of CLUK who consistently struggle to get anywhere near us! The surveys really do help us to demonstrate to clients that we provide great customer service to their policyholders and to also learn and improve from the customer feedback provided.

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