NBS Outdoor Fall Issue 2020

Training with Consistency

By Chris Miller

regress the next day. This is how dog training goes, and you just have to work through it. A main goal I have for my dogs is to help them be as consistent as possible. In other words, I want my dogs to do what I ask, when I ask, the first time I ask. I know this may sound harsh and make me seem like a demanding drill sergeant. However, a consistent dog is a sign of a consistent leader and a consistent leader is the best leader a dog can have. Dogs crave leadership and want to be led. Have you ever seen a stray dog roaming around? Its body posture is often

low, its tail is tucked, and it seems unsure and timid. Dogs are naturally insecure, so the best thing we can offer them is a leader they can have confidence in. Dogs gain confidence in their leaders when their leaders are consistent. Here are some tips to become more consistent with your dog. Energy. Be the same you every day. If you approach a training session upset about something or emitting negative energy, your dogs will notice quickly. When I’m feeling upset or dreading a training session, I’ve learned it’s better to skip it. Think about people you interact with

One thing we often overlook when dealing with our dogs is that, like people, they can have off days. They aren’t perfect and they don’t always pick up their training where you left off the day before. Training a dog is like climbing a mountain. Eventually you’ll reach the top, but not without encountering bumps and valleys along the way. Earlier this week, my dog Dot had an awesome day of training. We’ve been working on advanced techniques. I thought she had finally mastered them — only to have her completely


Fall 2020

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