A day in the life of a trainee 2015

Alex Canning | First year trainee Department: Personal injury and clinical negligence University : Exeter Degree: English, 2 (1)

4.30pm: Back at the office I have a memo from another member of the team asking me to research the possible value of one of her client’s claims. I read the medical report in which the client’s injuries were assessed and compare this to previous cases of a similar nature to calculate an estimated value. I then report my findings in a memo. 5.30pm: We have been unable to negotiate a settlement in one of our cases and need to agree with the defendant to extend the negotiation period. I call the defendant’s representatives to agree this and just have enough time to switch into my running gear to join the firm’s running club in the foyer, ready for a sociable run around Wandsworth Park.

9.10am: I arrive in the office and begin the day by reading my emails over a coffee. I’ve been sent a police report concerning an accident which involved one of our clients. I read it through thoroughly searching for any evidence as to liability. Fortunately the report is supportive of our client’s case, so I then email the client to update them. 9.25am: I receive a call from a client wanting to discuss an expert medical examination we have been arranging for her. Once off the phone I draft a letter to the client’s expert with our instructions. 10.00am: In light of advice from Counsel, it’s decided that the judgment in one of our cases should be appealed to the Court of Appeal. I begin researching exactly what documents are required to lodge the appeal and call the Civil Appeals Office. 10.30am: I then accompany a partner from the department to a meeting with a new client to discuss a potential clinical negligence claim. We discuss the client’s history, talk the client through what needs to be proven to succeed in a claim and outline the next steps we will take. My arm is aching from the amount of notes I’ve taken. 11.30am: We head back to office and I type up an attendance note from the meeting. Following this I’m asked to prepare a Claim Form and Notice of Funding for a case which may have to be issued in the next week. 1.00pm: I nip out of the office to grab some lunch from down the high street and head over to the firm’s social area to have lunch with the other trainees. Once there we discuss the upcoming trainee social which I’m helping to organise. 1.50pm: After lunch I return to my desk and go through a few emails. I have been asked to draft a working proof of evidence for the client I met in the morning, so I get to work on that. 2.15pm: I log in to the online Small Claims Portal and see that one of our clients has received a counter-offer from the defendant in their claim. I send an email to the client outlining the new offer and advise them on its merits. 2.40pm: That afternoon it’s my turn to head out on the personal injury court run, so I leave the office and make my way to the High Court. Once there, a trial bundle which I helped to put together needs to be filed and I also submit an application notice for one of the other solicitors.

Maeve O’Hare | Second year trainee Departments: Corporate and commercial, commercial property and trust and estate disputes University: University College Dublin Degree: Law and Business 2 (1)

8.40am: I arrive in the office and make my way to the coffee lounge to get a hot drink before heading to the training room for the monthly litigation know-how meeting. Today’s meeting is hosted by two members of our private client team who discuss issues surrounding capacity, the test of capacity to litigate and some recent case law. The presentation is followed by a group discussion with members from each of the litigation teams sharing their experiences. 9.45am: I arrive at my desk and read through the emails I have been sent overnight. I check my calendar and see I have a reminder to call the Principal Probate Registry. I call to follow up on a letter I sent regarding a caveat on a Grant of Probate that should have been revoked. Following the call, I have a quick chat with the associate in charge of the matter and then prepare a letter to send to the client to update them and outline the steps that we should take next. 10.30am: I have spent the last few days preparing a mediation bundle for an upcoming mediation in which our client hopes to settle a trust dispute matter. I finalise the bundle and ask my supervisor to approve the index so I can send it to our opponent. I spend the next hour reviewing the relevant correspondence and documents and begin drafting our client’s position statement for the mediation. 12.30pm: Our team has received a new enquiry through our website and my supervisor asks me to give them a call. The enquirer’s husband has recently died and she is

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