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during the time at Quantico. The many contacts made through the National Academy Associates Network continually benefit his agency and officers with throughout the region. The connections open doors and lines of communication with officers and agencies all over the world. Dave encourages other officers to attend the National Academy. Understanding that this is the highest level of training and achievement that anyone can get in law enforcement, he’s quick to tell others about the experience. Once Dave returned home from Quantico he immediately became active in the Western PA Chapter, serving as Chapter Vice President from 2015 through 2016, and Chapter President from 2017 through 2018. He will remain on the Western PA Chapter Board from 2019-2020 and plans to remain active in the chapter once no longer on the board. With seven years to go until retirement, he has not started a search for a possible job or career after law enforcement. He thinks he would prefer to work in the private sector away from law enforcement once able to retire. Wherever he goes he is “. . . look- ing forward to living a happy and healthy life with my wife and family.” ciples as described in John 13. When I really started to contem- plate this concept I had to reconcile my lifelong image of Jesus with how strong his hands and feet really were, and that serving others as his hands and feet was something to be honored. His hands were strong and capable of great physical strength. His feet were strong and carried him for miles and hours each and every day of his ministry. So when you are challenged to be the hands and feet of Jesus in serving others remember the power and strength of this analogy. It is an opportunity to be revered, and should be very humbling. Please take an opportunity to serve as a regular part of your spiritual walk. Until next time, God Bless and don’t hesitate to contact me. continued from "A Message from Our Chaplain" page 26

Throughout his time with Castle Shannon, he has held many positions and performed many different functions. For 18 years he served in the capacity of D.A.R.E. Officer. He has been a bike patrol officer, field training officer, shift supervisor, duty officer, instructor at the police academy, and crisis negotiator for the CIRT team. Currently, he remains as the Department’s Crime Preven- tion Officer working with children and the business community on community functions throughout the Borough. Dave and wife Tracie have been together since they were both19 years old and have been married for 22 years. Dave and Tracie have been blessed with two great children, a daughter Elizabeth and son David. They were 14 and 13 at the time Dave at- tended National Academy Session 245in April through June 2011. Of Tracie Dave says, “She has always encouraged me and sup- ported my decisions in my career. I could not have succeeded in my career without her support and encouragement to become the best I can. It was difficult being away and not involved in the day to day activities of my family, but my wife is an amazing mother.” Dave said that the family was able to get down to Quantico to visit over Easter and were able to tour the Campus, Hogan’s Alley and the Behavioral Science Museum. Dave attended the first Officer Involved Shooting Training Class that was offered at the National Academy and found the course to be very interesting, due in a large part to the quality of instruction and the officers in the class that shared their own experiences. He also elected to take the Stress Management course finding that it was extremely beneficial, providing him with information and lessons he was able to bring back and pass on to other officers not only within his Department, but other agencies as well. As did his father before him, he felt that the PT classes were exceptional and credits the course for his becoming more knowledgeable about nutrition and the value of that and exercise as they relate keeping a healthy body and mind. Knowing that he was able to achieve his goal of graduating and watching the other session members walk across the stage was a testament to the hard work and achievement that he, his session mates, and their families sacrificed for 10 weeks. As anyone who graduates from the National Academy will agree, Dave values the network and friendships that were developed

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