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This Detox Tea Recipe is the perfect recipe to help to kick-start your journey to a better health. It is the kind of detox tea that cleanses and removes toxins from the body and helps the body to increase energy. Note: Before starting any detox program or diet, consult your physician. INGREDIENTS: 8 cups water 3 inches fresh ginger, peel & shredded 3 tea bags dandelion 4 sprigs parsley 2 teaspoons turmeric DIRECTIONS: 1. Bring water to boil in a stainless steel pot. Add ginger and reduce heat to simmer in the covered pot for 5 minutes 2. Turn off heat, add dandelion, parsley, turmeric, and cayenne pepper. Allow tea to steep for 10 minutes. 3. Strain tea and store and allow to cool. Store in airtight glass jar and place in refrigerator. 4. Serve warm or cold, add lemon juice, cranberry juice, and maple syrup per cup. Drink 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach. 1/4 teaspoon Cayenne pepper 1 tablespoon lemon 1 tablespoon cranberry juice (optional) 2 teaspoons maple syrup (optional)

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DIYWINECORKSUCCULENTMAGNETS Add a little greenery to your fridge with these adorable wine cork

succulent magnets. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Wine corks Drill with size 5/16 bit Wrench Craft paint (optional) Paint brushes (optional) Painter’s tape (optional) Hot glue gun Magnets (1/4 inch) Soil Small succulent pieces

HOW TO CREATE: 1. Hold the wine cork with the wrench and drill a hole in the center of the cork. 2. Next, block off the top of the cork with painter’s tape to give a dipped-paint look. If you’d like a more natural look, skip this step and don’t paint the corks at all. 3. Use the hot glue gun to glue two to three magnets on the side of the cork. 4. Add your soil and succulent and display on a magnetic surface.

CANADIANWEATHERQ&A Warm up your mind with this Canadian winter Q and A! 1. What area of Canada gets the most snow each year? Mount Fidelity, BC.

2. What are four places in the world that are colder than Canada? Greenland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Antarctica. 3. Which Canadian city has the largest single-day snowfall ever recorded? Tahtsa Lake, BC, which saw 145 cm of snow on February 11, 1999. 4. Where did Canada’s largest one-hour temperature change occur? Pincher Creek, AB, where residents switched from parkas to shorts as the temperature zipped from -19˚C to +22˚C in a single hour back in 1962.

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