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Planning a move? If so, keep yourself feeling organized – and calm – with this step-by-step checklist. Two Months Before Moving: • Go through every room and begin purging items you won’t be taking with you. • If you plan on hiring a professional moving company, start researching reputable ones in your area. • Organize important documents and create a folder or binder for moving-related receipts and paperwork. Six Weeks Before Moving: • Start gathering supplies. Get boxes from local stores, borrow storage containers from friends and family members. Buy whatever else you need – such as packing tape – so it’s on hand. • Begin using up food products you don’t want to take with you – such as frozen items. • If possible, take measurements at your new home to ensure your existing furniture will fit through doors – and in the rooms. One Month Before Moving: • If you’ve decided to hire a mover, confirm your moving date. • Begin packing items you use infrequently, such as off-season clothes or special-occasion decor and dishes.

• Go to post office and set up mail forwarding so it begins after you’ve moved. • Notify banks, insurance companies and other important parties of your change of address. Two Weeks Before Moving: • Inform your place of employment that you’ll need time off on or around moving day. • Take your car in for a checkup. It’ll be nice to start your life in a new home with a freshly tuned car. Plus, if you’ll be using it to transport items across a distance you’ll want to make sure it’s in top shape. One Week Before Moving: • Start emptying and cleaning the fridge and freezer. • Take care of any last minute details before the big day. Moving Day: • If you’ve hired a mover, ensure that the truck that shows up indeed belongs to the moving company. Once your items are delivered, verify they’ve all arrived in good condition before signing off. • If you and your loved ones are handling the move yourself – try to have some fun! Take breaks, eat some tasty takeout and take challenges with a grain of salt .


A. Sharp (5) A. Remedied (7) A. Protective garment (5) C. Hoard (5) C. Tapers (7) C. Group of bovines (6) C. Fake (11) E. Epoch (3) E. No longer in existence (7) G. Chivalrous (7) I. Lit up (11) L. Terse (7) L. Lackadaisical (7)

L. Prevarication (3) M. Award (5) N. Pleasant (4) N. Observed (5) O. Sumptuous (7) R. Send payment (5) S. Short tail (4) S. Begin (5)

The first letter of each answer is written next to its clue in alpha- betical order. One letter has already been entered. Can you find the words then fit them correctly into the grid?

S. Powerful (6) S. Purposed (9) T. Rising current of warm air (7) W. Bet (5) W. Capricious (9)


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