Riverside Reporter - October 2016

From the Manager s Desk

Hi Residents,

Welcome to the new look Riverside Gardens Newsletter, now renamed the ‘RIVERSIDE REPORTER’. This report will continue to come to you every month.

We would love for all the Committee’s and Groups to contribute to expanding this village newsletter and welcome your contributions, especially photo’s.

It has been an extremely busy couple of months since Hampshire villages has taken over, but we are making progress and have some great things to come.

The new management have been true to their word and been open and communicative with residents, holding several meetings which have answered many questions. I am sure most residents would like to move forward and enjoy a more relaxed village life. I especially would like to give a big thanks to all the Committee and Group Members for the fantastic voluntary work you all do. Without you this village would not be the community it is. On a business note, you will be pleased to know the ‘lemon’ pool heater we had installed last year has been replaced and we expect a ‘breakdown free’ future ahead……… watch this space!

After such a bitterly cold winter, I am sure you are all looking forward to getting some spring time in before we are hit with the heat of summer. Bring on SPRING!!

Wishing you good health

Until next month, Sue, Allison and staff

Any resident that has something that they wish to contribute to the Riverside Reporter, whether a poem, photo’s, jokes, even a story etc, please feel free to email it to the office


The Riverside Reporter can also be viewed online at www.riversidegardensestate.com.au under the heading of “News”.

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