DUMMY Vol. 1 No. 1

117 (2018) 1–6


Chapter 1: What’s new Important: This page provides a list of features in InDesign CS5.5 and InDesign CS5. This page does NOT tell you how to use these features. For more information about any of the new features, click the corresponding links provided.

What’s new (CS5.5)

The CS5.5 Design Standard Feature Tour on Adobe TV contains several videos to show you the new features.


Articles Articles provide an easy way to create relationships among page items. These relationships are used to define the content to export to EPUB, HTML, or Accessible PDFs; and to define the order of the content.

Articles panel with the options pullout menu

For more details, see “ Articles (CS5.5) ” on page 147

Linked stories Adobe InDesign CS5.5 linked stories makes it easier to manage multiple versions of the same story or text content in the same document. For more details, see “ Linked stories (CS5.5) ” on page 148

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