Fall 2019 Catalog (FINAL)

ALL STAR sports

ALL STAR PARENT TOT This program gives you and your child an opportunity to bond and have fun together while learning a variety of sports. This class is great for improving simple motor skills such as catching, throwing, batting, shooting, passing, running and helps in developing hand- eye coordination. Parents participate with their child as we play soccer, t-ball, basketball, hockey, football, and many other sports. This is a great introduction to the All Star programs and staff where parents can help in making their children feel comfortable! TN Age Day Time R/NR Fee Code # 2-3 Sa 9:00-9:45A 9/7-10/19 $73/$78 730000-1 2-3 Sa 9:00-9:45A 11/2-12/21* $73/$78 730000-2 *NO CLASS 11/30 ALL STAR ALL SPORTS This is for the all-around athlete or for a child who wants to take a shot at different sports! Stay active and work on balance, motor skills and hand-eye coordination all while learning the rules of baseball, football, floor hockey, soccer, basketball and more! We will focus on a new sport each class and will work on basic rules and mechanics all while we play games that keep everyone moving. There's no reason to pick a sport when you can play them all! TN Date Location: Van Emmon Activity Center Instructor: All Star Sports Instruction

ALL STAR SOCCER Taught the All Star way, this program will keep everyone active and engaged both mentally and physically. Our lesson plan is designed to teach the game by hiding drills in fun games and using association techniques that get down to each player's level. Soccer is a game that is action-packed, so there will be no sitting and waiting. While engaging players at all times, we will cover simple foot skills, dribbling, passing, shooting, basic rules, and even work on spreading the field. This class will not only keep players active, it will be a great base to prepare them for the next level of play. All of our programs focus on teamwork and sportsmanship. Participants are required to bring a water bottle, shin guards, and a soccer ball (size 3) to each class.TN

Location: Van Emmon Activity Center Instructor: All Star Sports Instruction

Age Day Time R/NR Fee Code # 3-4 Sa 9:45-10:30A 9/7-10/19 $73/$78 730001-1 3-4 Sa 9:45-10:30A 11/2-12/21* $73/$78 730001-2 4-6 Sa 10:30-11:30A 9/7-10/19 $73/$78 730101-1 4-6 Sa 10:30-11:30A 11/2-12/21* $73/$78 730101-2 *NO CLASS 11/30 Date

Instructor: All Star Sports Instruction Location: Bristol Bay Elementary School

Age Day Time R/NR Fee Code # 3-5 Tu 6:45-7:30P 9/3-10/15 $73/$78 730012-1 Location: Bristol Grade School 3-4 Tu 5:00-5:45P 10/29-12/17* $73/$78 730012-2 4-6 Tu 5:45-6:45P 10/29-12/17* $73/$78 730112-2 *NO CLASS 11/26 Date

ALL STAR BASKETBALL Our instructional program is designed to teach the game of basketball at a basic level while making sure players stay active and engaged the entire class! Fun basketball-like games will be played to teach the importance of each skill learned. Our foundation technique focuses on basic mechanics to build confidence, then adding larger challenges as we progress. Footwork is an extremely important aspect of the game. This means no players will be sitting! We will work on dribbling with each hand, passing and shooting techniques, and understanding basic offense and defense. All of our programs are based on learning teamwork and sportsmanship. TN

Location: Van Emmon Activity Center Instructor: All Star Sports Instruction


Age Day Time R/NR Fee Code # 3-4 Sa 12:30-1:15P 11/2-12/21* $73/$78 730002-1 4-6 Sa 11:30A-12:30P 11/2-12/21* $73/$78 730102-2 *NO CLASS 11/30 Date



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