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Manage Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Pollination Australia Formed


Protecting Australia‟s Pollination


Bees are back - Re-launch of honey bees inquiry 5

Almond Board of Australia Conference 2008 - Featured Speakers Almond Board of Australia Conference 2008 - Invitation & Program Study confirms the almond‟s exciting potential Media Release


Water scarcity is a major issue for irrigated horticulture in the Murray Darling Basin (MDB). In partnership with industry and supported by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Horticulture Australia Limited has developed a project “Drought Information Delivery for Horticulture” as part of the Commonwealth Government‟s Irrigation Industries Workshop Programme. The project aims to: Provide horticulture irrigators in the MDB with access to good agronomic and financial information to assist in making important business decisions. Ensure information provided is specific and tailored to meet the regional needs of horticulture irrigators in the MDB. Support horticulture irrigators in the MDB during their decision making process. Increase the capacity of the horticulture industry to deal with conditions of water scarcity so horticulture remains a viable industry under those conditions. Identify and engage growers who are not currently engaged in industry assistance programs in the project. The project is tailored to meet the needs of the Mildura region and is being managed by the Murray Valley Horticulture Alliance. Extension Providers have been contracted through the Australian Table Grape Association Inc. and are ready to undergo one-on-one consultation visits with growers. For more information contact Jeff Scott , Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Table Grape Association on 03 5021 5718 or email: atgainc@ncable.com.au or contact one of the following Extension Providers: Alison MacGregor , Scholefield Robinson Mildura P/L Email: amacgregor@ncable.com.au Phone: 0419 229 713 or (03) 5023 4644 Assistance to help you asses your options and manage your business during reduced water availability. It’s free. It’s one-on-one.



Almond Marketing Forum Review


Antioxidant Super Heroes & Free Radical Supervillains - Media Release


Almond Marketing Highlights


Marketing Schedule - April - June 2008


Nuts for Life - Program Update


Expanding our Chemical Armoury


Economics of Almond Production Workshops


Biosecurity Awareness - What are the top pest risks for the almond industry, and who decided? 15

Biosecurity Awareness Workshop


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In a Nutshell The Almond Board of Australia is the peak industry body representing the interest of almond growers, processors and marketers in Australia in matters of national importance including regulation, legislation, marketing research and development. In a Nutshell will be published quarterly in February, May, August and November to bring news to all industry contacts and members. Membership The Almond Board of Australia offers membership to growers, processors, marketers and interested parties. Annual fees are: Full Membership: $110 Advertising/Editorial The Almond Board of Australia acknowledges contributions made by private enterprise through placement of advertisements in this publication. Any advertising and/or editorial supplied to this publication does not necessarily reflect the views of the Associate Membership: $66 Australian Nutgrower: $66

Almond Board of Australia and unless otherwise specified, no products and/ or services are endorsed by this organisation Editor Jo Ireland Communications Coordinator Almond Board of Australia 9 William Street, PO Box 2246 BERRI SA 5343 t +61 8 8582 2055 f +61 8 8582 3503 e jireland@australianalmonds.com.au w www.australianalmonds.com.au These projects were facilitated by HAL in partnership with the Almond Board of Australia. They were funded by the R&D levy and/or voluntary contributions from industry. The Australian Government provides matched funding for all HAL‟s R&D activities.

Garth Swinburn , Scholefield Robinson Mildura P/L Email: srm@ncable.com.au Phone: 0419 117 369 or (03) 5023 4644

Graeme Thornton , consultant Email: gthornton@sunrcs.com.au Phone: 0427 164 490 Stephen Kelly, consultant Email: Stephen@stephenkelly.com.au Phone: 0418 353 961or (03) 5022 5318

James Altmann , Fruit Doctors Email: info@fruitdoctors.com.au Phone: 08 8584 6977

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