Nations RoofCare - Preventive Maintenance Success 1-25-2016

Preventive Maintenance Success

Roof Life Expectancy with Maintenance. There are three components to a successful roofing project: design, installation and regular preventive maintenance. Virtually, all manufacturer warranties require maintenance of the roof, which is a recognition of the value of being proactive and the need to have qualified professionals inspect the roof system annually. There are many external factors that may impact the performance of a roof such as structural movement, foot traffic, vegetation, contamination (glycol, and animal fats for example), wind, ice, snow, and sun exposure.

Through preventive maintenance, the service life of a roof is increased anywhere from 30% to 100% according to National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and American Institute of Plant EngineersAssociation for Facilities Engineers (AIPE/AFE).

Planned vs. Reactive Repairs. A study by Duns Review points out that scheduled maintenance repairs cost 1/3 the cost of emergency repairs. In addition there are many substantial soft costs to a non maintenance approach, such as: accident risk due to a slip and fall, reputation, tenant or employee morale, production downtime, interior damage, and hidden damage such as deck deterioration.

Preventive Maintenance – How does it work? A PM program requires that you have an inventory; this is the baseline data of the existing roofs and the current condition. This is achieved through an initial inspection of all sites. The data is owned and available by the client thru Nations RoofCare Client Portal in NationsFM .

First Step: Evaluate what needs to be done and the costs. The evaluation is based on the age of the roof, the expected service life of the roof (specification), and the costs of repair or restoration. All three are critical to make decisions. Actions to Take: Regularly Maintain the Good - Continue to maintain good roofs. Roofs in good condition can often exceed their expected service life. Restore and Maintain the Marginal Roofs - These are roofs that have a longer service life but have been neglected, they can represent the biggest potential cost savings to a client. Repair As Needed - These are roofs that don’t need to be replaced now but should be budgeted for Roof Replacement in the near future usually 3 years. Repairs to limit leaking will need to be done. Replace those roofs that are found to be in need of immediate replacement.

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Nations RoofCare Preventive Maintenance & Inspection Program . This is a two part process, the roofs are inspected, the report is reviewed and the customer can make decisions on what work is to be performed.

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The frequency of inspections can vary based on roof condition .

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