This is the performance evaluation template (PET) for LSPs produced by Knight, Kavanagh & Page (KKP) on behalf of the Irish Sports Council (ISC). The purpose is to:

Provide a basis for the consistent evaluation of LSPs impact and effectiveness Gauge LSPs effectiveness against a core operating template Enable benchmarking of performance to an ideal template where appropriate Encourage LSPs to work harder (individually and collectively) to become increasingly effective and efficient in what they do. Drive continuous improvement in work patterns and investment of time and resource. Ensure that the ISC, the Irish Government and other stakeholders get optimum return on their investment on work delivered and/or supported by LSPs Why does the ISC invest in LSPs? The stated outcomes sought from investment in LSPs are as follows: Increased levels of local participation. Increases in participation amongst identified targeted groups/in key communities.

Club development. Volunteer training. Enhanced planning of sport at local level. Local directories of sports bodies & facilities. School, club, community and National Governing Body (NGB) links.

Core issues covered in the PET, therefore, will include: LSP profile and credibility (Board and professional staff) and key areas of influence. Present/potential effectiveness of LSP board steering direction and business. The measured/measurable difference made in key delivery areas (e.g.); Levels of participation in sport and physical activity per se impact on participation among people from specified targeted groups Coach numbers, qualification and development Volunteer numbers and effectiveness. Club development, capacity, improvement, resilience

Other delivery areas touched upon include: Planning of/for sport at local level (in particular for elements/issues important to

sports development that extend beyond current LSP work programmes). Local directories of sports bodies & facilities – going beyond the basics. School, club, community and National Governing Body (NGB) links.

Other factors at which attention is directed to will include LSP ‘irreplaceability’.

Added value to/from partners; partner investment in sport (to date and anticipated). Impact upon ways of working with the variety of agencies on/involved with the LSP Effectiveness of LSP core team – as perceived by key partner agencies. Role/effectiveness in performance measurement, advocacy and change management.

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