Social Media Monitoring Report - Almanac Investment Release

Like the information in this report? Would you like to access the data in more detail, with the ability to see the data in real-time, respond to individuals identified in the report, and compare this information with competitive information?

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Check out these amazing features:

NUVI Bubble Stream Visualization

NUVI Map Visualization

NUVI Word Burst Visualization

The NUVI Bubble Stream (patent pending) allows you to not only see what is being said about your company, your products, or the topics you are interested in right while it's happening, it also quickly shows you who is most influential, the sentiment of each post, and what is being shared. Identify leads, answer questions, put out fires, and encourage supporters all in real-time!

The Map shows the location of conversations related to the topic you have selected. You can identify patterns of Sentiment, Volume, and Influence, and can interact with individuals directly from this visualization.

The Word Burst shows all the conversations related to a particular topic, organized into similar emotional, keyword, and sentiment categories. Discover what's trending within a topic, how many people are discussing the topic in a similar way, and how much of the conversations specific ideas occupy.

Channel Dashboards

NUVI Comparison Dashboard

NUVI Group Monitors

Connect your social media accounts to NUVI and analyze how people are interacting with your content across your various social profiles, all in one place. Identify your most popular posts, the events that caused an increase or decrease in followers, and demographic details about your followers.

Compare multiple topics directly over the same time period, or compare the same topic against itself over different time periods. Quickly identify notable differences in Volume, Sentiment, Influencers, and Virality.

NUVI's powerful Group Monitoring allows you to analyze the tweets from all (or a select group of) the followers of not only your twitter profile, but any of your competitors' twitter profiles as well. Understand what your fans like and dislike, as well as what your competitors' fans like and dislike, all in real-time.

These are only a few select features of the powerful NUVI social media analytics and engagement platform.

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