SNHS Parental Engagement Portal

Welcome to theParental OnlineReportingSystem. The systemhas been set up by the school toenable you to view the progress your son/daughter ismaking. As you will see it allows access tomore than just apaper versionof the student report. To be able toaccess the information youwill needan invitatione-mail. You can request an invitation e-mail by contacting That e-mail will take the following format

Hi JoeBloggs, go to where youwill be asked to

log in. Your Username is: (your usernamewill be

the primary e-mail address the school holds in your contact details) and your

password is: a3X4x6x4c6Y.

Apinnumber will be sent to your email account youwill need toenter this to

continue. The first time you log in youwill be asked to change your password.

Pleaseenter a secure password containing at least one capital letter anda


If you have any technical or systemqueries youwill need toe-mail a brief description of the problem

Pleasedo not contact themain school reception. Theywill be unable to helpas they are not users of this system.

SNHSParental Engagement Portal

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