Artisan Food Club is proud to present Power Promo Tuesday

Every Tuesday we will be sending out at least 2 great deals for you to take advantage of as a way of trialling new products with the benefit of a hard-to-refuse promotion price. These deals will be on both new and established Artisan Food Club brands. Due to the deep discounts being offered, Power Promos are only being sent to a select number of Artisan Food Club retailers - which allows our producers to offer exclusive deals to an exclusive group. All you need to do is let Marcus know (by phone, email, text or WhatsApp!) which deal/s you would like to buy in to and we will handle the rest. The deals are live until the following Tuesday and will be limited to one order per brand. Participating producers know this is a great opportunity to reach new customers and will be encouraged to support with additional information and marketing materials in order to help launch the brand in your shop with a bang . 07971 270299 Main Brochure If looking at the brochure on a smart phone it is best to put phone on its side to view (double page)

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