Dictionary of Moisture Protection & Restoration

The first time I met John Maillard, he showed me a small black book, which he took from his breast pocket. The book was filled with hand-drawn illustrations of architectural details, each one a work of art. To John, they were not so much art; rather, they served a more practical purpose. The illustrations were the method he used to educate others about elements of architecture, as well as proper construction details. John is passionate about the preservation of our structures, our heritage. He is also passionate about waterproofing; because, as he says, all problems in structures begin with water. This book, John’s book, is a gem. It is a work of unique passion. I am proud that he has selected Conproco Corp. to publish his life’s collection of knowledge and experience. John, Taryn and I hope you enjoy this contribution to our industry. Christopher Brown President Conproco Corp.

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