FPTR 2017 - Day 2 General Training


Carin Smith & Adriano Allegretti

Speakers: Bart Kauwenberghs, David Heber, Tereza Sodan, Inge Degeest , Russell Gain, Martin Ernst, Mehmet Sahin, Amir & Bella Cohen, Stephan Gratziani, Brett Yeatman, Dariusz Szalkowski, Jose Ortiz Martinez, Munevver Fulya Arcak, Veronica Taraso & Walter Pignataro

Bart Kauwenberghs , Senior Executive President’s Team 20K, Belgium, 13 years with Herbalife Bart opens the day…. Welcomes everyone & shares the highlights video from the Recognition Evening Provides overview from President's Team Meeting on Monday

Shares the outline of the event; what will be covered in the next 3 days! Top line of survey results: explained process and that event designed around the feedback received from all event qualifiers. Explained the

speaker selection through blind metrics Know how to Work your Numbers - Metrics overview It’s all about sustainability! Not so bad if you lose a Royalty cheque but can’t lose customers!

“Your personal production is what YOU do”

“Think about ‘WHY’ you want to go from one step to the other. That’s when you will find ‘HOW’ to do it.”

Business Support EMEA – Internal Reference Only


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