FPTR 2017 - Day 2 General Training

Brett - wraps up the session by focusing on understadning the flow and the flaws around it. Understanding the flow will lead you the next levels etc…….

Adriano Allegretti Introduces NEW PRESIDENT TEAM MEMBERS…

Münevver Fulya Arcak , Executive President’s Team, Turkey, 17 Years with Herbalife Started as a customer 18 years Changed lifestyle Business Adminstration School No training system when they started. Attended first International Training in Spain Last year regocnised as MILL Team at Dublin FPTR

From there had a goal to reach PT by the following year and here she is! Goal is now to be in the front seat at the events!

Veronica Taraso & Walter Pignataro , President’s Team, Italy, 12 Years with Herbalife Worked as shop assistant which didn’t make very much money A Fantastic HOM changed their life Evertything has now really changed in an unbelievable way More time with family, which is priceless! Thanking his first daughter who really inspired him to make his dream come a reality – the dream what Mark Hughes had!

Adriano Allegretti back on stage….

Close and wrap up of the day Announces the President's team Dinner taking place tonight.

End of Day 2

Business Support EMEA – Internal Reference Only


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