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Eliminate the mess in your garage by parking your vehicle on the Tapson Garage Mat

Clean garage floor prior to placing the Garage mat on floor, as dirt beneath it will shorten it’s life span. • Remove from package. • Center mat on parking space and unfold. • Unfold side panels from middle of mat. • Center mat on parking space and park vehicle on mat. Installation Clean mat regularly to remove small pebbles that may damage or puncture mat. If mat should be punctured, it is easily repaired using the following method: • from bottom side of mat locate hole and clean area around the hole. Patch with duct tape. Cleaning The Tapson Garage Mat is very simple to clean, using the following method, and takes under 2 minutes. • Drag end of mat approximately 3 feet(1 meter) outside the garage door. • Take mat from opposite end at corners and pull mat over itself while walking towards the door. • Once mat is outside, pull it until it is completely overturned, emptying its contents outside. • Pull mat back inside and you are ready to park again. • Caution - extremely slippery if placed on ice or snow Maintenance

TruckMat #TAT-21 7’4”x 21’4”(240 cmx 660 cm)


The Tapson Garage Mat is constructed of reinforced polyethylene plastic with a 1 ¼ inch (3 cm) foam rope thermal welded around the perimeter complete with durable plastic corners to contain the dirt and water. • Cuts clean up time to a minimum by containing mud, water, and slush on the mat. • Protects the finish of the garage floor from salt, mud, grease, oil, antifreeze and road debris dropping from the vehicle.


CarMat #TAC-18 7’4”x 18’4”(240 cmx 560 cm)

• Protects other valuables stored in the garage from damage due to slush and snow melt.


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