2018 Retail Catalog

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Lift Mate

Adjustable Tube Mount

Part # LM-100

• The Lift-Mate is designed to operate in a manner that allows the vehicle wheel to be lifted directly from the wheel, greatly reducing the amount of travel up the jack bar needed to lift the wheel in an adequate and safe height. • Lift-Mate Features & Specifications: • Lift Capacity: 5000 lbs. (2273 kg) • Rubber-Coated hooks to protect the wheel • Rubber pad for protecting the tire and wheel • A Handle-All is a multi- functional tool with telescoping handle and four full-sized implements. Compact and rugged, while maintaining full-size utility. Perfect for camping, off-roading, recreation, farming, ranching, and forestry. Stores compactly alongside other accessories. Handle-All: Four Tools in One (4:1)

Two sizes offered: • TM-700 is adjustable for tubing 1”- 2”in diameter • TM-750 is adjustable for tubing 2”- 3”in diameter • Manufactured of 6061-T6 structural aluminum with stainless steel hardware • No drilling required

Part # HA-500

off-road & recovery

Off-Road Kit

Handle Keeper

Neoprene Jack Cover

• Use the Off-Road Kit to turn your Hi-Lift Jack into an even more versatile tool. This kit keeps all of the needed parts for winching at arms reach. • Off-Road Kit Includes: 1 - Winch Tensioner 1 - Custom Nose Attachment • 1 - 8ft. Tree Saver Strap 1 - Pair/Hi-Lift Gloves • Hardware & Gear Bag

• The rugged polyurethane Handle-Keeper holds the Hi-Lift® handle to the upright steel bar, keeping it in place when not in use and eliminating“rattling”during transportation and storage. • Fits all models of Hi-Lift® brand jacks • Notice: it is very important for the handle-keeper to be removed during jack use to allow the handle to be placed in the full upright position as stated in the hi-lift safety instruction manual.

• Keep your Hi-Lift Jack’s lifting assembly protected from mud, dirt and road grime. This product is designed to greatly reduce the amount of dirt and mud that can accumulate in the working mechanism of the jack. It

WILL NOT eliminate ALL moisture or dirt. • Easy On, Easy Off • Tight Fit • Fast Drying • MachineWashable • UV Protected

Part # HK-B (Black) Part # HK-R (Red)

Part # NJC

Part # ORK


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