Realizing your identity gives you the ability to find others like you.

Though Jamie’s experience was figuring out that he was transgender, many other types of LGBTQ people have similar experiences figuring out their identity over time. What an Identity Means . . . andWhat It Doesn’t Mean Every person is more than just one thing. A person is not only LGBTQ. They are also right- or left-handed. They are blond-, brown-, black-, or red-haired. They are Latino, African American, Asian, Native American, white, mixed race, or another race. They have different interests, strengths, and weaknesses. And there are so many other aspects of you that make you who you are. These are all parts of your identity. When you “identify as” something, it means you are saying that thing is a part of your identity.


You Are Not Alone • Finding Your LGBTQ Community

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