ESTRO 2021 Abstract Book


ESTRO 2021

Results Table 1 shows the mean accuracy of auto-contours measured on the test cases. Among head organs the best accuracy (DICE>87%, SDICE>94%, Score>3.9) were achieved for body, brainstem, cochlea, eye, lens, and spinal cord, while mandible, PCM, and Larynx G had the lowest performance. Among pelvic organs the best accuracy (DICE>92%, SDICE>87%, Score>4.2) were achieved for body, bladder, and femoral heads, while bowel-bag and urethra had the lowest performance. Figure 1 demonstrate the auto-contours for one representative head and pelvis case.

Table 1. Accuracy of the automated organ delineation (SDICE = Surface DICE)

Figure 1. Representative results of the automated organ delineation

Conclusion The presented method can provide organ contours which demonstrate accuracy that is good enough for clinical use. Ongoing work is being undertaken on expanded dataset to further increase the accuracy for all head and pelvic organs. OC-0094 Real-world performance of neural network segmentation of Head and Neck Contours M. Butler 1 , A. Kruzer 1 , A. Nelson 1 1 MIM Software Inc., Clinical Science, Cleveland, USA Purpose or Objective The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of an automated neural network segmentation method for head and neck contours after implementation into real-world clinical use.

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