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Many familiesfind comfort ingatheringwith friends and loved ones after a service.Weknow it canbeoverwhelming toplan ameal or other get together during thistime,which iswhywe offer Sunset Funeral Home, CremationServices&Memorial ParkCateringServices. WeofferAppetizer, Dessert, LunchandDinner options catered inour CommunityRoom. If there is something special you would like to serveat your gathering that isnot on themenu, pleaseaskus. Our CateringServices include taking careof the food, service settings, providingprofessional hostesses, aswell as cleanup. Talk tous about your cateringneeds. You’ll haveone less thing toworryabout. To createamenu, order a reception, and reserve theCommunityRoom, call us at (812) 477-5316.


Whether youholdagathering in theafternoonor evening, an Appetizer Reception is aperfectway togather your friends and family together. Plan it by itself, or combine itwithanyother reception.

TEASANDWICHES Choiceof EggSalad, HamSalador ChickenSalad $45/2dozen sandwiches


SEASONALASSORTEDVEGETABLETRAY Includes: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Celery, GrapeTomatoes, EnglishCucumbers andRanchDip $52 (serves 25) |$75 (serves 50) |$99 (serves 75) ASSORTEDCHEESEDISPLAY with CRACKERS Grapes, Strawberries, SmokedGouda, Dill Havarti, SharpCheddar, Colby JackandSwiss. $75 (serves 25) |$125 (serves 50|$190 (serves 75) KENDALLBROOKSMOKEDSALMONPLATTER Imported fromWashingtonState&Servedw/Onions, Capers, Eggs, HerbCreamCheese&Cocktail Squares $185


JUSTRENNIE’SSIGNATURECOOKIES WhiteChocolatePecan|CranberryOrange Peanut Butter |Peanut Butter Chocolate|Oatmeal Raisin ChocolateChunk|ChocolateChunkWalnut |DoubleChocolate ChefDoug’sGourmet ChocolateChunkWalnutw/Cinnamon $25/dozen ADessert Reception isperfect for familyand friends to joinyou after the service in rememberingyour lovedone. PlanaDessert Receptionby itself or combinewithanAppetizer Reception, or add toa LunchorDinnermenu.

MINI CHEESECAKES $38/2dozenmini cheesecakes

JR’SSIGNATURECAKE RedVelvet Cake|Coconut Cake ChocolateCakew/ChocolateCreamCheese Icing LemonCakew/CreamCheese Icing $52/whole cake CHEESECAKE Traditional NewYorkCheesecakew/ChocolateGanache TurtleCheesecakew/ChocolateGanacheandPecans CherryCheesecake $67/whole cheesecake

PIES LemonCreamPie|Coconut CreamPie $22/wholepie

LunchReception CLUBSANDWICH Turkey, Ham, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese&Bacon Route11KettleCookedPotatoChips* ChooseTwoSides** $9.75/per person ROASTBEEFWRAPWITHDIJONAIOL Route11KettleCookedPotatoChips* ChooseTwoSides** $9.75/per person GRILLEDCHICKENWHEATWRAP wLightMayonnaise Filledw/GrilledChicken, Lettuce, Tomatoes&Cheese Route11KettleCookedPotatoChips* ChooseTwoSides** $9.75/per person *Route11KettleCookedPotatoChips ChooseOne: Dill Pickle| LightlySalted|Barbecue (2-oz. bag) or Sweet Potato (1.5-oz. bag) **Sides FreshSeasonal Fruit (subject toavailability) |Pastaof theDay Cucumber&Tomatoes |FrenchGreenBeanswithSunDriedTomatoes, FetaCheese, SpicedCandiedWalnuts& ItalianVinaigrette|RedPotato Salad|RoastedSeasonal Vegetables (subject toavailability) WARMCHICKENSALAD Chicken, Almonds,Water Chestnuts, Asiago&Cheddar ToppedwithPotatoChips $82 (serves 12) BAKEDCHICKEN withBakedBeansorMashedPotatoes $10.50/per person

DinnerReception ITALIANCLASSICBEEF or VEGETARIAN LASAGNA Servedwithbreadand fresh seasonal fruit $144 (serves 12) |AddaSalad* BAKEDRIGATONI PASTA Bell Peppers,Onions,Marinara& ItalianSausageor Chicken $132 (serves 12) |AddaSalad* *SaladBowls Traditional Seasonal Greens : Seasonal Greens, EnglishCucumber Tomatoes&BlackOlive| $40 (serves 12) Greek : KalamataOlives, Tomatoes, EnglishCucumbers, Feta Cheese& ItalianVinaigrette| $40 (serves 12)

BAKEDCHICKEN withBakedBeansorMashedPotatoes $10.50/per person

BeverageService COFFEESERVICE IncludesRegular&Decaf |Hot tea selection Creamer |Sugar |Sweetener $2.95/person

SOFTDRINKS IncludesCoke|Diet Coke|Dr. Pepper |DietDr. Pepper Sprite|Diet Sprite|BottledWater OthersAvailableonRequest $1.50/person

LEMONADE& ICEDTEA $1.00/person

BEER&WINE AvailableonRequest

StandardCharges Useof CommunityRoom Includes taking careof the food, service settings, professional hostess(es), and cleanup $75

We requireaminimumorder of 12 for all catering servicesunlessotherwise indicated.

Our CommunityRoomaccommodatesup to120people.

If youwould likeamorepersonalized reception,we can createamenuwitha theme that reflects your lovedone. Pleaseaskus for details. PersonalizeYourEvent

CateringServices 1800St. GeorgeRd. |Evansville, IN47711 (812) 477-5316

CateringServices SunsetFuneralHome•CremationServices•MemorialPark 1800St.GeorgeRd.|Evansville,IN47711| (812) 477-5316

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