Appleton, Wisconsin

June 2016

Vol. XXI

Issue III

Farewell Class of 2016

By Megha Uberoi The 2015-2016 year was ¿ lled with newsworthy mo- ments. Star Wars Episode VII came out breaking box of ¿ ce records (surprising no one), the musical and visual album Lemonade dropped and Beyoncé ef- fectively stopped the world (for a second time), Donald Trump became the Repub- lican party candidate for the 2016 election (surpris- ing mostly everyone), and Appleton North’s class of 2016 is graduating (we made it!). Okay so maybe our graduation is not global Re À ection on senior class legacy

brand of passion to every- thing we participated in. This graduating class in- cludes national merit schol- ars, state athletics champi- ons, critically acclaimed theatre participants, AP scholars, and of ¿ cially committed collegiate ath- letes. In addition to these achievements at the Salute to Seniors last Wednesday night North seniors were recognized for their in- volvement in a wide range of clubs and activities. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are truly accomplished, leaving a legacy of excellence in ev- ery discipline. Congratu- lations Class of 2016! We left our mark at North and now it’s time to focus on the future.

Photos by Alex Neumann and Olivia Molter

ed us to have con ¿ dence and believe in our abilities. It would be lying if I said we approached everything with this unrelenting opti- mism, but I can say we def- initely approached the year

with zeal and ambition for the future. Whether it was cheering on the Appleton United boys’ hockey team to state or participating in some powder puff T-shirt drama we added our own

news, but the class of 2016 is de ¿ nitely newsworthy in its own way. At the beginning of the year the senior class attend- ed a presentation by Eddie Slowikowski who remind-

‘Construction’, a poem by Senior Molly Biskupic This school is not just made of brick and steel The halls we walked, the rooms we talked Held up by something real. Our voices secured the bolts in the desks, greased the hinges of the doors. Our footsteps shaped the staircases, sealed the tile to the À oors. Unforged tools, undrawn plans, our purpose not yet found. Now we’ve drawn up our plans with graphite and ink, Made heavy lines, sure signs, as bold as we think. We’ve forged our futures deep in this building’s core,

Made adults from children like steel from ore. Now the time to hang up our hard hats has come,

We were just dreams when they ¿ rst broke this ground, Unforged tools, undrawn plans, our purpose not yet found, But we’ve spent four years building this school, Mixing mortar with our hands, testing every rule. We’ve rolled up our sleeves, the long and the short, Scratched our story into bathroom walls, made graf ¿ ti a sport. You couldn’t scrape our laughter from these walls if you tried, It’s a plaster of memories, haphazardly applied. We shook the walls of these rooms with music we played, From this house to the world, voices strong, unafraid. And we were just dreams when they ¿ rst broke this ground, Unforged tools, undrawn plans, our purpose not yet found. Before we could navigate the maze of these halls, We were changing the À oor plan through all our pitfalls. We’ve polished these tiles with our sweat and our tears, Thanks to us the calc À oor will shine brightly for years. Our stands will reach taller from cheers we de ¿ ned, ’Cause the WIAA can’t stop echoes left behind, We reshaped our lockers with slams, kicks and punches Filled cracks with lost papers and remnants of lunches. We’ve sanded these wood boards level and neat, With sneakers-kicks-high-heels, our dirty bare feet. And we were just dreams when they ¿ rst broke this ground,

Pass on this place, this construction site, this concrete kingdom. We’ve left one giant hand print on the facade of this place Now it’s time to use our ¿ ngerprints to mark out our space, So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow glazed with rain But even more depends on each of us and our places, our domains. And if I’m starting to sound like Dr. Seuss, believe me I know But I honestly can’t wait to see the places we’ll go. And even though Mr Lightning won’t be leading the chant We’ll keep cheering you on with each landing you plant. We’ll follow the shape of your ¿ ngers, the curve of your nails, Your voice shaking theatres, your feet blazing trails. You’ll be the name in the paper, the face on a screen, The hands to cure sickness, the force to intervene. I’ll ¿ nd my blue yearbook on the dusty old shelf, Gather my family around and show them myself, “See I knew them,” I’ll say proudly, “though long ago, We built tomorrows together, made bright plans in the snow, And now the tools that we forged are always at hand. The presents we live are the futures we planned. We are more than our dreams, stand on unbroken ground, Because of the people we loved and the purpose we found.”

Molly Biskupic

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