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OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE INTERNATIONAL WIRE & MACHINERY ASSOCIATION WIRE & CABLE NEWS Spring 2015 - issue No 52 www.iwma.org CN 75 th anniversary for Ceeco Bartell

materials. The design expertise, in-depth process understanding and product development allow Bartell’s

and value in every machine it builds and its drive for constant improvement has been rewarded with the distinction

This year gives good reason for Ceeco Bartell to be celebrating – its 75 th anniversary!

of being re-certified as a mature member of the ISO 9001:2008 quality community. With generations of industry knowledge and engineering design experience, coupled with a sales and technical service network, Bartell’s employees are dedicated to providing customers with technologies capable of meeting the most advanced production needs. The company’s wire and cable products are divided

The company, the Ceeco side of which gives a total history of more than 120 years, produces advanced fibre optic cable and LAN cable and high-speed manufacture of energy cables. The Bartell range of Ceeco-Bartell branded wire and cable products have been at the forefront of technologies that cut costs, expand data signal rates and allow higher transmission frequencies to speed communications and power to all corners of the globe.

S S DoubleTwist 2 roll form stranding machine

into three categories: fibre optic and data/telecom, electrical power and ferrous cables.

Advances in power cable manufacturing, via Ceeco-Bartell’s roll form stranding machines, increase cable production rates up to five times over the traditional methods, while reducing costs in both drawing operations and insulating

customers to optimise their products, reduce manufacturing costs and improve competitiveness. Ceeco-Bartell prides itself on setting new standards for quality, performance

Ceeco Bartell – USA Email: info@bartellmachinery.com Website: www.bartellmachinery.com

The best ‘green’ business Isleworth, UK-based Ormiston Wire has been awarded the Hounslow Business Award for Best Green Business.

delivering outstanding customer service as a core business priority. We understand the benefits of adopting sustainable business practices and how it can positively affect both the planet and profits.” The annual Hounslow Business Awards are developed and organised by Hounslow Chamber of Commerce and celebrate the achievements of both small and large local businesses. The Best Green Business Award required nominees to best demonstrate how its green and sustainability ethos and practices positively contributed towards carbon reduction, recycling policy and the promotion and adoption of green innovation and technologies.

at every opportunity and utilising a high-efficiency condensing gas boiler. These changes have led to annual energy savings of tens of thousands of pounds.

The award recognises the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental policy and sustainability procedures. The wire manufacturer has previously been commended with the Queen’s Award for its achievements in sustainable development. The company initially introduced cost-reducing energy efficiency measures at the beginning of the 1990s. Over two decades later, the wire manufacturer has developed its environmental sustainability measures still further, which includes the implementation of new energy saving technology and instilling an ethical ethos in the workforce. The measures it has introduced include installing light bulbs with motion sensors, recycling

S S Mark Ormiston receives the award

“I’m delighted Ormiston Wire has won this award, which recognises our continuous commitment to environmental sustainability in the manufacturing process,” said Mark Ormiston, managing director. “Ormiston Wire regards excellent environmental sustainability alongside

Ormiston Wire Ltd – UK Email: info@ormiston-wire.co.uk Website: www.ormiston-wire.co.uk


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