Schilling Green Evacuation Procedures


Facilities Managers


Kristie Anderson

RE: EMERGENCY EVACUATION PROCEDURES Attached is a copy of the Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Schilling Green. Please review it with your employees. Particularly stress using fire stairways and proceeding to the Lower Level of the building and disburse. I have listed below procedures recommended by the local fire department to aid in our preparedness in the event of an emergency. Your cooperation is appreciated. 1. Designate an area outside the building for your employees to meet during an evacuation. The fire department recommends your meeting area be a minimum of 200 yards away from the building. A designated meeting area will allow you to quickly confirm total evacuation and communicate any instructions to your employees. Please let me know where your designated area is so I can find you quickly if needed. 2. Designate “Searchers” to make a quick inspection of your suite to insure that all employees evacuate the premises promptly. Also assign alternate Searchers who will know the procedure if the regular Searcher happens to be out during an emergency. The Searchers should report their findings to you. When all of your Searchers have reported in, you should report to me that everyone has been evacuated. Please report any urgent information a Searcher may have to me immediately. 3. Provide a list of anyone who is physically limited in the ability to evacuate the building in an emergency, indicating what floor s/he works. 4. Provide an updated list of emergency contacts with telephone numbers to be used in the event of an after hours/weekend emergency. Ideally, you should supply at least three names and list them in order of priority. 5. Distribute the Normal Evacuation Guidelines to each of your employees. I’ve attached a master sheet with four 4” x 5” sized copies of the Normal Evacuation Guidelines for your convenience, just copy and cut them. The small size makes them convenient to keep by their phone or on their desk. You may want to add any directions specific to your organization, such as your designated meeting area. If you have any questions about what to do in an emergency or would like help in organizing an Evacuation Plan specific to your organization, please call me. Attachments

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