Change your packaging supplier

3 Warning Signs it May be Time to Change Your Packaging Supplier

by Dave Wince Vice President, Equipment Sales Flavorseal

place larger orders, have them manufac- tured and stored at the alternative packaging plant, and released at regular intervals. 2. Warning sign: Growing concerns about the reliability of the packaging supply chain. Scenario: Packaging is an essential component of any supply chain so when Food Processing Company B became increasingly concerned about the reliability of its packaging supply, it also was concerned about the impact on the entire process. Delivery dates for new packaging orders had been pushed back, and there always seemed to be a new reason why the packaging order did not ship on time. While the produc- tion line had yet to be impacted, the company never wanted to reach the point where lines were shut down because of lack of packaging. Although Company B knew that material and supply issues can happen with any vendor, it no longer felt that its current packaging supplier was as committed to its business as they once were. To Company B, this resulted in a fundamental lack of trust in the supplier and a clear indicator that it was time to look for alternative solutions. The company found the right solution with a new packaging supplier that communi-

Selecting the right food packaging supplier is a careful process that involves testing and retesting and, ultimately, forming a relationship built on trust. After all, packaging material is protecting not only your product and the public, but also your company and your brand. But as companies grow and evolve, their needs change. It is possible that the original supplier you chose so carefully is no longer meeting the needs of your growing company. How

do you know when it is time to start looking for an alternative packaging supplier? Here are three warning signs that may indicate your current packaging supplier may no longer be a fit for your organization. 1. Warning sign: Packaging solutions that meet the supplier’s order process, not your packaging needs.

Scenario: Food Processing Company A was in a conundrum. Because of limited warehouse space, it was not able to receive large shipments of packaging at one time. But the smaller quantities of packaging they ordered meant higher pricing and additional lead times. When they asked their packaging supplier for an alternative, they were unable to provide a satisfac- tory solution. Instead, Company A found the right solution in a flexible stocking program offered by another supplier. Company A is now able to


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