PEI Liquor Celebrate Spring 2018


FIRESTEED PINOT NOIR * 07596Z, 750mL $25.99 Oregon, USA

FILARINO SANGIOVESE ROSÉ * 12308Z, 750mL $16.00 Hills of Forlì, Italy

HAHN GSM BLEND * R0187Z, 750mL $25.40 California, USA

Hahn GSM is a California blend of classic Old World grapes Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. Drawing its inspiration from France’s famed Rhone Valley, this US red blend displays delicate aromas of wet wood, raw cacao and sweet plum. The silky finish and velvety mouthfeel are extremely pleasing, leaving a gentle perception of tannins. Try this wine with the first-picked PEI Strawberries to tantalize the tongue with playful acidity and earthy herbaceousness. Equally delicious with seared salmon and fresh greens.

Oregon is home to some of the most delicious and complex Pinot Noir in the NewWorld. The composition of the terroir lends a certain complexity to the grape. Traditionally a very fruity wine, this particular Pinot Noir showcases aromas of; cedar, leather and spice. The soft tannins also help to frame flavours of berry and cherry. Try this wine with roast duck or pasta with wild mush- rooms.

This dusty pink Rosé just screams “It’s Summer!” Delicate but lively, expect hints of pomegranate, blood orange and wild rose. Mouthfeel is soft and fruity with expressive notes of violet and cherry. Minerality and acidity round out the pleasant finish. This is the perfect aperitif for a patio potluck, but is also well enjoyed with fried fish, grilled white meat and aged cheddar cheese.


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