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Focusing on the Patient Experience: HCAHPS Reimbursement from Medicare now includes financial incentives based on hospital performance scores. What do HCAHPS scores mean to your facility? Read article

Unique Antibacterial Coating Aids in Infection Control Fujifilm’s latest FDR D-EVO II is the first digital x-ray detector in the world to feature an antibacterial coating. Fujifilm’s Hydro AG TM is a revolutionary new moisture-activated antibacterial coating that has been tested to be 100 times more effective than conventional coatings and 10,000 times more protection than surfaces with no coating. Read article

Spotlight: Fujifilm’s Small Format 24x30cm Digital Detector Fujifilm’s 24x30cm FDR D-EVO detector is a perfect fit for any neonatal isolette tray. The combination of its high efficiency cesium, plus patented imaging technology makes it the ideal solution for low dose exams and dose-lowering initiatives. Read article

Fujifilm DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY Issue 2 - 2015

New FDR D-EVO II Now lighter than ever, FDR D-EVO II stands up to tough hospital environments Learn more

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