Getting Your Property Sold - Your Home Team

Selling your property should not be a secret - targeting your audience.

Marketing strategies.

need to see it multiple times and before they act. Buyers may have been in the market for quite a while before your home comes onto the market so your marketing should focus on a buyers needs and wants being satisfied by your property features and benefits. Due to buyers having information at their fingertips with immediacy such as email and text alerts, the buyers wave is getting ever shorter, so high impact effective advertising in a shorter time frame is usually most effective .

One of the reasons a good Realtor will be highly valuable throughout the selling process is their ability and knowledge around marketing your property. You could waste months and months by advertising your property on many different websites, papers and brochures and not reach your target audience. It’s important to get the maximum bang for your buck and ensure maximum market exposure as one extra buyer found can make a real difference in the sale price. Marketing should be a mix rather than just relying on internet, print or a lawn sign. •

Buyers can find your property in many different mediums including social media and usually they


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