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3 Fr e e s h i p p i n g a v a i l a b l e . S e e we b s i t e f o r d e t a i l s .

Always Unique Naturally Beautiful & 201 Red Birch Rectangular Paddle Board Crafted using beautiful Red Birch and designed for easy transport, this long handled serving board is the perfect addition to your kitchen collection. Red Birch is a hard, dense wood perfect for many years of heavy-duty slicing and chopping. Convenient handle for serving and storage, with a hole for hanging. Each unique piece is constructed with natural materials and may differ slightly from the pictured product. Eco-friendly. 23" L x 7-3/4" W x 1/2" H. Boxed. $28. Tabla rectangular de madera de abedul con forma de pala. 202 Acacia Salt Keeper A kitchen connoisseur essential! Keep your spice of choice fresh, while still maintaining an organized and stylish kitchen! Crafted using durable Acacia wood. Due to the natural grain of the wood, no two pieces will be exactly alike. Includes a convenient swivel lid and magnetic clasp for freshness. Perfect as a keepsake box for jewelry and small trinkets! Eco-friendly. 2.5" H x 3.5" W. Boxed. $19. Contenedor para sal o especias de madera de acacia. 203 Acacia & Marble Cutting Board Now you can serve artisanal cheese or charcuterie boards with a finished presentation. The marble surface keeps food cool while the Acacia wood accent is great for cutting and slicing. Features a rectangular shape with rounded edges, white marble, and Acacia wood. Since these boards are crafted with natural materials, each piece is unique and may differ slightly from the product pictured. Hand-wash and air-dry only. Boxed. 11" L x 6-1/2" W x 5/8" H. $29. Tabla para cortar de madera acacia y marbol. 204 Red Birch Round Serving Board Essential for even the most amateur foodie! Take your charcuterie boards and more to the next level with the perfect presentation. Red Birch is a hard, dense wood perfect for many years of heavy-duty slicing and chopping. Convenient handle for serving and storage, with a hole for hanging. Each unique piece is constructed with natural materials and may differ slightly from the pictured product. Hand-wash only, and air-dry; wipe with food safe mineral oil to maintain and restore grain to its natural beauty. 17" L x 11" dia. x 1/2" H. Boxed. $28. Tabla redonda para servir de madera de abedul.




a Charleston Wrap ® Exclusive bel piatto fine serveware ™


Many of our beautiful and functional wood products can be laser engraved. View the collection online at



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throughout the catalog for items that can be personalized. Order online to personalize!

a Charleston Wrap ® Exclusive bel piatto fine cookware ™


See our exclusive kitchen linen collection online!



Bel Piatto ™ Fall Stoneware Collection Whether you're a first time host or you're a holiday superstar, Charleston Wrap has your table covered. Thanks to our exclusive Bel Piatto ™ Stoneware collection, creating 5-star meals has never been easier. From adorable pie dishes and serving platters, to bakers that transfer easily from oven to tabletop, our stoneware will be your new kitchen favs! Impress your loved ones this holiday season not only with mouthwatering flavors and food that excites, but with a beautiful tabletop presentation they’ll not soon forget. Our collection features durable, high-fired ceramic stoneware that resists stains and chips; microwave, oven, and dishwasher-safe; classic white color; heat-safe up to 446° F.

205 Pumpkin Shaped Pie Dish Makes a 9" pie. Overall dimensions: 10" dia. x 6" H. $37. Recipiente de ceramica para hornear en forma de calabaza, Bel Piatto ™.

206 Rectangular Baker & Lid 2.5 Quart 11.5" L x 8.75" W x 2.25" Depth. $43. Recipiente de ceramica para hornear rectangular, Bel Piatto ™.





From Oven to Tabletop Beautiful meals start with a beautiful presentation!

207 Rectangular Platter 15" L x 10" W x 1" H. $33. Recipiente de ceramica para hornear grande, Bel Piatto ™.

208 Oval Baker 9-1/2" L x 7-3/4" W x 1-1/2" depth. $26. Recipiente de ceramica para hornear ovalado, Bel Piatto ™.

209 Square Petite Baker & Lid 6" L x 6" W x 3" H (1-3/4" depth). $18. Recipiente de ceramica para hornear cuadrado, Bel Piatto ™.

210 Matte Navy Enameled Cast Iron Braiser Heats evenly to lock in moisture with tight-fitting lid for more succulent results. 3 Quart. 12” dia. (15-3/4” with handles) x 2-1/2” H (5” with lid). See website for complete details. $71. Cacerola de hierro fundido, Bel Piatto ™.



211 Melamine Mixing Bowls & Lids- Set of 3 Mix and pour with ease! This set includes lids to keep food fresh and for convenient stacking. Features durable melamine construction, non-slip silicone rings at the bottom to keep in place while mixing, convenient handle, pouring spout, and nest for space-saving storage. Dishwasher and freezer-safe. BPA-free. Colors: Matte Gray and White with see-thru lids. Bowl sizes: 8, 12, and 16 cup. Boxed. $38. Recipientes con tapa de plastico, set de 3. 212 Stainless Magnetic Measuring Spoons The added convenience of stackable magnetic storage makes this set indispensable! Double-sided for dry and liquid ingredients plus printed measurements on each handle. Stainless steel. BPA-free. Dishwasher-safe. Set of 5 includes 1 tbsp., 1/2 tbsp., 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1/4 tsp. Boxed. $15. Cucharas Magneticas para medir de acero inoxidable. 213 Stainless Steel Measuring Cups A kitchen must-have! These cups are magnetic, keeping them neatly stacked together for organized, space-saving storage. Made of durable, stainless steel with non-slip handles, and engraved measurements. Set of 4 includes: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup. Dishwasher- safe. Boxed. $18. Recipientes para medir, de acero inoxidable. 214 Ridged Bowls with Lids The perfect bowl set for food prep, serving, storage, and more! Features see-thru lids with ergonomic grips that fit snug to keep food fresh and stack perfectly in the fridge. Bowls are designed with subtle ridging that offer additional grip and style. Nest for space-saving storage. Durable, BPA- free plastic. Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe. Colors: Matte Medium Gray, Lt. Gray, and Taupe. Set of 3 bowls with lids (4.8 cup, 2.3 cup, 7 oz.). Recyclable. Boxed. $27. Juego de recipientes con tapas, set de 3. Effortless prep starts here! We have everything you need to streamline your meals from start to finish. Browse the catalog or shop online for a multitude of helpful kitchen tools!


Mixing, Storing, & So Much More ! Adding lids to our beautiful bowl s ts adds a new dimension in versatility.



Magnetic handles = organized storage



215 Silicone & Stainless Drying Rack Drying your dishes has never been easier! This convenient dish rack unrolls to fit over most standard kitchen sinks and supports light to heavy dishes and pans. It includes a removable, slotted caddy for drying utensils and all the small extra's. Made of durable, silicone covered stainless steel making it rust-proof and non-slip. Folds for space-saving convenience. Perfect for washing and drying fruits and veggies too! Color: Gray. BPA-free. 22" L x 13" W. Boxed. $34. Escurridor de platos de silicona y acero inoxidable. 216 Fold & Store Cutting Board One of the best kitchen helpers we’ve found! Designed to rest securely over your kitchen sink with non-skid feet, silicone wrapped handles, and includes a collapsible silicone strainer bowl. Rinse and chop on one convenient surface! Dishwasher-safe. Folds in half for convenient storage. BPA- free plastic and food grade silicone. Colors: Gray/Off-White. Cutting board 22" L x 11.5" W (11" L folded); Strainer bowl 7" dia. x 5.5" H. $32. Tabla para cortar pegable. 217 Bamboo Compost Pail An eco-conscious catch-all to convert your organic waste into compost to enrich the soil in your garden! It's equally ventilated so there’s no lingering odors or, even worse, mold. Made of biodegradable, durable bamboo fiber, wheat fiber, and melamine with a natural bamboo handle and lid top. Includes one carbon filter installed in the lid. Replacement carbon filters are readily available. Color: Off-White. 8" H x 7" dia., 1 gallon capacity. Boxed. $27. Recipiente para composta de Bamboo. 218 Swedish Dishcloth Set An eco-friendly alternative to sponges, dishcloths and paper towels. Made from 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, this adorable dishcloth set includes four different patterns. Soft and absorbent when wet, and wipes most household surfaces to a streak-free shine. Reusable, sustainable, and 100% compostable. Set of four. Designs may vary. 8" L x 6.5" W. $14. Set de toallas suecas para la cocina. 219 Reusable Mesh Drawstring Bags An eco-conscious alternative to plastic produce bags! Made of lightweight, see through mesh that allows barcodes to scan during checkout and designed with a drawstring top and slide lock closure. Great for storage, organization, or even as a laundry bag for delicates! Color: Dark Gray. Set of 6 includes 2 per size, 10" L x 8" W, 12" L x 10" W, 15" L x 12" W. $12. Set de bolsas reutilizables.


See our full line of kitchen linens online

Double-duty drying rack

Fold and store over-the-sink cutting board

Charcoal Filtered compost pail



Swedish Dishcloths Set of 4

Shop & Store Produce Bags Set of 6



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Roll-out, Multi-Functional Drying Rack

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Signature Ceramic Coated Bakeware bel piatto ™

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220 Silicone Baking Mat Replace cooking sprays, aluminum foil, and parchment paper with this reusable, non-stick, silicone baking mat. Distributes heat evenly for perfect baking results. Use it to line your baking pan, prepare doughs and pastries, or as a drip tray under casseroles to keep your pans in perfect condition. Fits half sheet size pans. Food-grade silicone. Oven-safe up to 500° F. Store flat or roll it up for convenience. 16-1/2" L x 11-1/2" W. $15. Alfombrilla de silicona para hornear. 221 Gold Ceramic Mega Muffin Pan Don't skimp on the most important meal of the day! Make 6 mega-sized breakfast muffins that are sure to satisfy that early-morning hunger. Constructed using extra-thick aluminized steel for even heat distribution and a ceramic based coating that's resistant to abrasion and provides an ultra non-stick surface. Perfect for muffins, popovers, cornbread, and more! Hand-wash. Extended edges for a secure grip. Pan: 16.5" L x 11.25" W x 2" H; Wells: 3.75" dia. x 1.75" H. Bel Piatto TM Exclusive Cookware. $21. Molde para mega muffins de ceramica dorada. 222 Gold Ceramic Brownie Bites Pan Create the perfect bite-sized treats with this stylish gold pan! Constructed using extra- thick aluminized steel for even heat distribution and a ceramic based coating that's resistant to abrasion and provides an ultra non-stick surface. Extended edges for a secure grip. Make 20 bite- sized brownies, blondies, quiches, cheesecakes, and so much more! Hand-wash. Pan: 16.5" L x 11.25" W x 1.5" H; treats: approx. 1.75" square x 1.25" H. Bel Piatto TM Exclusive Cookware. $28. Molde para mini Brownies de ceramica dorada. 223 Gold Ceramic Waffle Sticks Treat Pan No waffle iron? No problem! Use our giant waffle sticks treat pan to create waffle sticks for easy dipping. Just fill the 6 wells with waffle batter and pop them in the oven. Perfect for making pizza, cornbread, biscuits, and muffin sticks too! Constructed using extra- thick aluminized steel for even heat distribution and a ceramic based coating that's resistant to abrasion and provides an ultra non-stick surface. Hand-wash. Extended edges for a secure grip. Pan: 16.5" L x 11.25" W x 1" H; Sticks: 8" L x 1.5" W x .75" H. Bel Piatto TM Exclusive Cookware. $24. Molde pata palitos de Wafles de ceramica dorada. 224 Silicone Bundt Pan Present your bundt cake in individual servings with this 6-cavity silicone mold. No need to slice up a cake when each person can have their own! Sturdy metal frame encased with food-grade silicone. BPA-free. Oven-safe to 450 o F. $29. Molde de silicona para hornear. Fresh baked goodness starts here! Even more online at






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225 Adjustable Rolling Pin This handle-free rolling pin comes with five silicone rings to achieve the perfect dough thickness every time! Designed with engraved measurement markers to help create an accurate width and length! Stainless steel rolling pin: 16" L x 1.5" dia. Set of 5 silicone rings: 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". Dishwasher-safe. BPA-free. Boxed. $23. Rodillo ajustable con anillos de espesor. 226 Silicone Pizza Pan Create restaurant style pizza from the comfort of your home! Designed with micro- perforated air vents to create the perfect crispy crust every time. Food-grade, non-stick silicone. Oven and microwave-safe. BPA-free. Rolls up for convenient storage. 13" dia. x 1/2" H. Boxed. $24. Molde de silicona para pizza. 227 Bamboo Knife Organizer Organize your knife drawer and keep your hands safe with our bamboo in-drawer knife organizer. This space-saving, tier-level design fits in most drawers, and comfortably holds up to 11 knives. Deep slots and durable, eco-friendly bamboo provide complete blade protection. Cleans easily with soap and water. Order multiple organizers to accommodate large knife collections. Knives are not included. 17" L x 5.3" W x 2" H. Boxed. $27. Organizador de cuchillos de bamboo. 228 Zester Grater Tool Designed with two grates on one convenient tool! Sharp stainless steel teeth easily grate or zest all types of food! Sure-grip handle and holder for stability. Blade guard included. Hanging loop. Dishwasher-safe. BPA-free. 13.5" L x 1.25" W. $15. Rallador Zester. 229 Precision Cutting Board Set Built-in measurement markers truly take these cutting boards to the next level. Make precise cuts by following easy-to-see guidelines, and produce stellar culinary creations that are perfect down to the inch! Includes convenient measurement conversions. Non-slip grid on reverse. Colors: Black and White. Set of 2. 14" W x 11.5" H. $14. Tabla para cortar con medidas. 230 Stainless Steel Rocker Blade This impressive tool cuts the perfect panini and thin or deep-dish pizza into uniform sections. Simply grasp the integral rolled handles at opposite ends and rock the blade back and forth to create portions in any desired size. Stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe. 13-1/2” L x 3-1/2” W. $14. Cortador de pizza de acero inoxidable.

Easily & precisely roll the desired thickness everytime!

Perfect crispy crust for store-bought or homemade pizza



Flexible for easy storage

Neat & safe knife storage

2-in-1 Zester & Grater





Flexible, precise cutting & measuring boards - set of 2

Great for cutting sandwiches too!


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better tools !

Better flavor starts with



Microperforated air vents and food-grade nonstick silicone makes perfectly crispy crust every time!


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Grill to Perfection 231 Bel Piatto ™ Chicken Roaster / Grill Wok The versatile tool every grill master deserves! Use the center cone and can holder for succulent vertical chicken roasting. Remove the cone and use the wok on its own for perfectly grilled seafood, stir-frying veggies, and more! Features include: sturdy stainless steel construction, deep walls to keep food inside, small grill grid keeps food from falling through, allows for excess fats to drain, and double handles for safe transport. Grill Wok/Pan: 12" square x 2.5" H; Center Cone: 3" dia. x 6" H. Dishwasher-safe. Boxed. $31. Asador de pollo Bel Piatto ™ . 232 Bel Piatto ™ Grill Grid Another item to add to your grilling arsenal! Cook and serve a multitude of foods at one time. Heavy- duty stainless steel, designed with sturdy handles and slightly curved sides and small grilling holes keeping food on the grid. Provides exceptional heat retention, durability and easy cleanup! 16.5" L x 9.75" W x .75" H. $23. Parrilla Bel Piatto ™ . 233 Bel Piatto ™ Grill Pan Basket Perfect for browning and searing sliced vegetables, shrimp, and so much more! Its woven mesh wire design keeps the smallest ingredients contained. Designed with a wide shallow base and curved sides to facilitate stirring. Pan features a detachable handle for closed door grilling and convenient storage. Heavy-gauge stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe. 11-1/2” dia. x 22” L. $29. Parrilla para asar. 234 Digital Meat Thermometer Measures the temperature of your foods fast and accurately! Features: temperature range 58° F to 572° F (-50° C- 300° C), auto shut off, foldable probe locks in place, backlit display, bottle opener, magnetic for hanging. Requires one CR032 battery (not included). Instructions for use are included. ABS plastic and stainless steel. Boxed. $37. Termometro para carnes. 235 Meat Lifter/Shredders Shred your way to success with these stainless steel bear claw shredders! The perfect tool for shredding beef, chicken, pork, and more! Easily lift and transport large cuts with the sturdy, comfortable rubber-grip handles. 4.75" W x 6.5" H. Set of 2. Six durable, slim prongs per claw. Boxed. $13. Tenedores de carne.



I nvite friends and family to support! SHARE a link to the sale via TEXT & EMAIL using our invitation tools.

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Grill masters and amateurs alike know that great food starts with great tools. With fully versatile stainless steel grill pans, Charleston Wrap has your next backyard BBQ covered. Success A Grill Master's Guide to

Professional grade stainless steel construction





1 7

236 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Mini Skillets

237 Square Grill Pan

Matte Black Enameled Cast Iron

238 Round Skillet

239 Divided Skillet

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron

Matte Black Enameled Cast Iron

1 8

Our Signature Bel Piatto ™ Enameled & Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron In Timeless Matte Black We take cast iron cooking to the next level offering traditional pre-seasoned or enameled finishes. With its smooth finish and even heat distribution, our cast iron cooks food evenly, browns beautifully, and maintains more precise temperatures across the surface. Ideal for baking, searing, sautéing, and frying. Stove top and oven-safe to 450° F. Bel Piatto ™ brand is a Charleston Wrap Exclusive Cookware Collection! Ready for a lifetime of use! 236 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Mini Skillets. Set of 2. 5" dia. x 1" H x 8" L. $16. Mini sarten de hierro fundido set de 2, Bel Piatto ™ .


Double burner length for even heat distribution

237 Matte Black Enameled Cast Iron Square Grill Pan 11" square x 2" depth x 18" L with handles. $51. Asador cuadrado de hierro fundido, Bel Piatto ™ .

Double-Sided Enameled Cast Iron

238 Matte Black Enameled Cast Iron Round Skillet 10" dia. x 2" depth x 15.75" L with handles. $41. Sarten redondo de hierro fundido, Bel Piatto ™ .


239 Pre-Seasoned Divided Cast Iron Skillet Create 8 portions. 9" dia. x 1" depth x 15.75 " L with handles. $24. Sarten con divisiones, de hierro fundido, Bel Piatto ™ .

Built in grease channel for healthier cooking and less mess!

240 Matte Black Enameled Double-Sided Cast Iron Grill/Griddle 20” L x 10.25” W x .875" H. $61. Asador doble cara de hierro fundido, Bel Piatto ™ .

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Essential Food Prep Best - Sellers

241 Pull String Chopper & Spiralizer Literally pull to chop! Simply add ingredients to the clear container and pull the looped handle to chop foods in one swift back and forth motion. You choose desired chopped size. Includes a paddle insert for mixing homemade salad dressings, beating eggs, or stirring sauces. But that's not all! Use the 4-in-1 adjustable spiralizer lid to create thick, thin, shoestring, and beautiful ribbon spirals with the click of a button. Includes food holder to keep hands safe and doubles as a cap for safe storage. Non-skid base. Durable, BPA-free plastic. Sharp stainless steel blades. 5" dia. x 3.5" H. Boxed. $21. Picadora manual de alimentos.

242 Chopper Pro XL Our exclusive chopper includes everything you need to effortlessly chop, grate, slice, and Julienne food which enables you to work smarter, not harder! This convenient, compact and highly functional tool is designed with two interchangeable attachments, six interchangeable stainless steel blades for various chopping and grating styles, an easy grip handle, glass catchall container, blade cleaning tool, and stands on a secure, non-skid base. Chopper attachment with interchangeable cube and dice inserts; Mandoline attachment with five interchangeable inserts for fine and coarse grating, slicing, Julienning, lattice cut, shredding, and a shielded food grip. The glass container allows for quick transfer of freshly sliced, chopped, or grated ingredients straight into the oven. Glass container measures 9-3/4" L x 4-1/4" W x 3" H, 1.5 L capacity, microwave and freezer- safe, oven-safe to 400°F, and includes storage lid. BPA-free. Boxed. $41. Picadora Pro XL.


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243 Salad Spinner Wash and dry leafy greens for quick salad prep! Designed with a durable gearing system for a speedy drying time and a hole in the lid to add or pour out excess water. Simply place greens in the spinner basket, rinse with water, and spin your way to a clean, delicious salad! Nonskid ring and wide base keep the bowl stable during use. Clear bowl doubles as a storage or serving bowl. Dishwasher-safe. BPA-free. Bowl: 4.75 quart, 9.5" dia. x 6" H. Boxed. $28. Mezclador de ensaladas.







Coarse Grate Fine Grate

2 1

244 Wet or dry reusable storage Gallon size, set of 2

245 Reusable Cool Bags Set of 4

247 Large reusable shopping totes

246 Beeswax Roll Custom cut to the perfect size!

248 Bamboo Charcoal Bags, set of 2

249 Reusable Zip Pouches, set of 6

2 2

244 Silicone Reusable Gallon Storage Bags So long, wasteful plastic bags! This set of silicone gallon bags will quicky become your favorite eco-friendly alternative. Perfect for both dry and liquid storage, these bags are endlessly useful! Waterproof, leak-proof, and double-zipper seal to keep food fresh. Gusseted base for a free-standing bag and to increase interior storage. Easy to clean; hand-wash; air-dry. Eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable. 1 gallon capacity. Set of 2. Recyclable packaging. $18. Bolsas de solicona reutilizables. 245 Reusable Ice Packs Bright geometric patterns make lunch time anything but boring! Soft and pliable before freezing for easy storage. Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours prior to use. Wash with soap and warm water. Non-toxic and food-safe. Patterns may vary. Set of 4 (6" L x 4" W each). $14. Bolsas de hielo reutilizables. 246 Beeswax Wrap Roll Our reusable bees wax is the eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap that you've been looking for! Bees wax is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Self-adhesive, air- resistant, easily shapes around food or containers. Made from organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Hand-wash cold water and air-dry. Cut roll to desired size. 1 roll (14" W x 52" L). Patterns may vary. Recycled paper box. $20. Rollo de papel de cera de abeja. 247 Reusable Grocery Totes The best alternative to plastic bags and a great start towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Large capacity can hold up to 30 lbs. each. 15" L ( plus 7.5" L handles) x 20" W x 5.5" gusset. Made of durable, rip-stop polyester. Use the built-in pocket to fold into a convenient pouch with carabiner! Set of 3. Machine-wash. Reusable. $17. Bolsas reutilizables set de 3. 248 Bamboo Charcoal Bags Charcoal air purifiers are made from environmentally friendly, micro-porous activated bamboo charcoal. Eliminates odors naturally without filling the environment with harmful chemicals. Charcoal helps prevent mold and mildew by absorbing moisture in the air that trigger allergies and asthma. Ring on top for easy hanging. Fragrance-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reusable for up to two years. Set of two. 7" L x 5-1/2" W x 1-1/2" H. $16. Bolsas de purificador de aire. 249 Reusable Zip Pouches Make an eco-conscious choice to stop using disposable plastic baggies and switch to reusable storage bags. Features: Leak-proof, double-zipper seal to keep food fresh, gusseted base for a free-standing bag and to increase interior storage, durable, and wonderfully easy to clean. Made of FDA food grade biodegradable PEVA. BPA-free and PVC-free. Reusable and recyclable. Hand- wash. Set of 6 includes four large bags (8" L x 2" gusset x 5" H) and two small bags (6" L x 2" gusset x 3.5" H). $20. Bolsas reutilizables con cierre. Eco-Friendly Meets Eco - Easy

The Ultimate Market Tote Heavy-duty canvas with vegan leather accents make this bag as stylish as it is useful. This exclusive 9-pocket design ensures plenty of room for your next trip to the market.

250 Canvas Ultimate Market Tote Your new favorite on-the-go organization essential! Designed with a large center opening with two interior side wall pockets and a key ring clip, seven spacious side pockets, adjustable side strap for carrying fresh flowers, double vegan leather straps and base, double stitching, and reinforced bottom with feet for durability. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic that you'll be proud to show off! Color: Greystone Canvas. 12.5" L x 13" W x 11" H (22" H with handles). Folds almost flat. Spot clean. $38. Bolsa de compras.

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Make it Personal Pillows, pet tags, and puzzles - oh my! Charleston Wrap offers a huge selection of personalizable items that make perfect gifts for loved ones (or yourself).

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Personalized Gift Tins

Your Pet as a Puzzle

Unique Pillows

Gifts For Your Favorite Pet and Gifts For Their Favorite Human ! Personalize It!

Personalized Bottle Bags

Custom Water Bottles

Photo Socks

Custom Pet Collars

Waffle Weave Handtowels

Fr e e s h i p p i n g a v a i l a b l e a t www . c h a r l e s t o nw r a p s t o r e . c om . S e e we b s i t e f o r d e t a i l s . 2 5

Airtight, Nestable, & Stackable Container Sets




310 Round Glass Storage Bowls Set & Lids Our four piece durable glass bowl set is great for prepping, storing, mixing, serving, and cooking. Designed with airtight lids to keep food fresh, prevent spills, nest, and stack for space-saving storage. With proper care these bowls are endlessly reusable! Non-toxic, food-safe, and BPA-free. Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe. Lid color may vary. Bowl sizes: 6.25 cup, 3.5 cup, 2 cup, 1 cup. Recyclable. Boxed. $28. Recipientes de vidrio con tapa, set de 4. 311 Round Glass Prep & Store Bowls with Snap Lids Keep food safe, secure, and always fresh with these perfectly-sized prep and storage glass bowls. Ideal for small snacks, salad dressings, baby food, and more! See-thru lids with a silicone seal lock in place for leak-proof storage! Non-toxic, food-safe, and BPA-free. Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe. Lid color may vary. Set of 3 (9.5 oz. each). Boxed. $14. Recipientes de vidrio para almacenamiento con tapas, set de 3. 312 Square Glass Containers with Snap Lids Safely store, transport, and heat food! This set of three storage containers feature durable glass and raised see-thru lids with a silicone seal that lock in place for leak-proof storage! Nest for space-saving storage. Non-toxic, food-safe, and BPA-free. Microwave, oven (safe up to 400° F), freezer, and dishwasher-safe. Lid color may vary. Set of 3. Container sizes: Small 4" L x 4" W x 2.5" H, Medium 5" L x 5" W x 3" H, Large 6" L x 6" W x 3.5" H. Boxed. $28. Contenedores cuadrados de vidrio con tapa, set de 3. 2 6

260 Jalapeño Cheddar Venison Snack Sticks Venison and pork mixed in a special blend of spices, cheddar, and jalapeño for a zesty snack! 7 oz. bag. $16. 261 Teriyaki Hunter Sticks A unique blend of pork and gourmet spices loaded with teriyaki flavor. 10-12 sticks (5 oz. bag) . $16. 262 Sweet-N-Spicy Beef Jerky Tender smoked beef with a little bit of sweet and just the right amount of heat for this delicious snack. 3 oz. resealable bag. $17. 263 Cherry Maple Turkey Jerky Tender cuts of turkey, with just the right amount of cherry flavor makes this our #1 selling jerky! 3 oz. resealable bag. $17. 264 Hickory Beef Sausage Our famous, hardwood, hickory-smoked sausage is an all-time favorite! Created using special cuts of beef and pork. 10 oz. sausage . $16. 265 Jalapeño Cheddar Venison Sausage Venison mixed with pork, jalapeños, and cheddar cheese for an outrageously savory snack! 10 oz. sausage. $16. 266 Cherry Maple Pork & Elk Snack Sticks Elk and pork combined with spices, maple, and cherry flavors for a delectable snack stick! 7 oz. bag . $16. 267 Teriyaki Beef Jerky Sweet and tasty! Our smoke flavored teriyaki jerky only uses the best cuts of beef. 3 oz. resealable bag. $16. 268 Original Hickory Snack Sticks Smoked over hickory chips, these delicious beef and pork snack sticks are perfect anytime! 7 oz. $16. Smokehouse Meats

2 7

313 Peppermint Bark Rich layers of dark and white chocolate confection are sprinkled with pieces of cool peppermint candy. 8 oz. box. $16. Pedazos de chocolate con menta. 314 Nutty Pleasures ® Pristine peanuts are submerged in fresh caramel and enrobed in creamy milk chocolate. 7.5 oz. box. $14. Cacahuate y caramelo cubiertos de chocolate. 315 Almond Bark Creamy milk chocolate and crunchy almonds are blended in small batches and poured with care. 7 oz. box. $15. Pedazos de chocolate con almendras. 316 Peanut Butter Swirls Creamy roasted peanut butter covered with a generous milk chocolate coating. 6 oz. box. $13. Dulce de chocolate con relleno de crema de mantequilla de mani 317 Cookies & Cream Dreamy combination of chocolate cookie bits surrounded with creamy, sweet white confection. 6 oz. box. $12. Galletas & Crema 318 Cherry Cordials ™ Traditional sweet cherry fondant is wrapped in smooth milk chocolate. 6 oz. box. $12. Figuras de chocolate rellenas de crema de cereza. 319 Coconut Dreams The finest coconut from the Philippines combined with smooth dark chocolate. 6 oz. box. $13. Sueños de coco con chocolate oscuro Browse & Shop Over 150 Gourmet Food Items, Plus Dozens of Recipes Exclusively Online

313 Peppermint Bark

314 Nutty Pleasures ®

315 Almond Bark

Satisfy your sweet tooth with mouthwatering Classics Creamy chocolate, locally grown ingredients, and decadent flavors combine to create treats worth talking about!

316 Peanut Butter Swirls

317 Cookies & Cream

318 Cherry Cordials™

319 Coconut Dreams

Free shipping available, see online for details.

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Go online and shop our Boutique Gourmet Chocolate Collection Seven decadent selections to satisfy any sweet tooth

Cheesecake Truffles

Giant Milk Chocolate CashewClusters

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

White Chocolate CranberryAlmond Bark

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Pretzel Bark

White Chocolate Covered Peppermint Oreos

Milk ChocolateAlmond Toffee Bark

2 9

320 Katydids ® Rich, buttery caramel and large fancy pecans smothered in pure milk chocolate. 8 oz. reusable canister. $18. Chocolate Katydid's. 321 Cashewbacks ™ Fresh cashew pieces covered in caramel and milk chocolate. 7 oz. box. $15. Anacardos cubiertos de cara melo duro. 322 Double Chocolate Covered Almonds Whole crunchy almonds double dipped in creamy milk chocolate. 7.5 oz. bag. $15. Almendras cubiertas con chocolate. 323 Peanut Brittle The classic taste of salty sweet perfection. Roasted and salted peanuts surrounded with sweet candy mix. Gluten-free. 8 oz. carton. $11. Mani con azucar. 324 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dots The ultimate combination, creamy chocolate chip cook- ie dough covered in pure milk chocolate. 6 oz. box. $15. Maza de Gallatea con Chispas de Chocolate. 325 Coconut Almond Treasures Tender coconut flakes are tossed with fresh almond pieces and coated with creamy milk chocolate. 6 oz. box. $13. Almendras con coco. 326 Trinkets ® Peanut Butter Bears Intricately crafted milk chocolate bears are bursting with smooth peanut butter cream. 6.5 oz. box. $13. Osos de chocolate con relleno de crema de cacahuate. 327 Chocolate Covered Pecans Mammoth pecan halves are roasted and salted then enrobed in smooth creamy milk chocolate. 7.5 oz. bag. $17. Chocolate cubierto de nueces. 328 English Butter Toffee Crunchy toffee handcrafted in small batches, drenched in milk chocolate, and dusted with roasted and salted almond pieces. 6 oz. box. $15. Chocolate cremoso con crema de almendras. 329 Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels Creamy, chewy caramel wrapped in rich dark choco- late and topped with sprinkles of sea salt. 6 oz. box. $13. Bloque de chocolate con caramelo y sal marina. 330 Pecanbacks ® Plump pecans are covered with fresh caramel then drenched in creamy milk chocolate. 7.5 oz. box . $15. Chocolate con nueces. 331 Pecan Log Crisp pecans, creamy caramel, and fluffy nougat. A special treat for all occasions. 4 oz. bag. $13. Tronco de chocolate con nueces

320 Katydids ®

321 Cashewbacks

322 Double Chocolate Covered Almonds

323 Peanut Brittle

324 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dots


325 Coconut Almond Treasures

326 Trinkets ® Peanut Butter Bears

3 0

327 Chocolate Covered Pecans

328 E nglish Butter Toffee

A world of rich , dreamy chocolate awaits you !

329 D ark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

330 P ecanbacks ®

331 Pecan Log

3 1

O h Cookie Tree, Oh Cookie Tree Use our exclusive Snowflake Cookie Cutter Set to make your own Cookie Tree! Find this recipe and more online at


3 2



333 Stainless Steel Cookie Press Create spritz cookies efficiently and consistently with our easy-to- use press! Simply fill the barrel with dough, choose from 20 discs, gently squeeze the lever, and voila! Use the included tips to create shaped cookies or decorate the cookies with icing. Perfect for creating savory cheese straws, hors d'oeuvres, cream puffs, and so much more! BPA-free plastic tips, and stainless discs. 2" dia. x 10" L. Boxed. $24. Prensa de acero inoxidable para galletas.

332 Cookie Scoop Create the perfect scoop of cookie dough, ice cream, melon, sorbet, fruit, and more! Durable stainless steel with an easy-release spring handle. Dishwasher- safe. Scoop mouth 1.7" dia. (4 tsp. scoop). 8" L. $14. Cuchara para galletas

334 Peanut Butter Cookie Mix Hands down, the best peanut butter cookie mix you’ll ever try. Moist and chewy perfection -just remember to share them with everyone! Box. Yields 36 cookies. $13. Mezcla para galletas de mantequilla de mani.


335 Awesome Oatmeal Cookie Mix Our chewy, cinnamon-y and melt-in-your- mouth delicious cookie mix is sure to win over hearts and stomachs at home and bake sales alike. Box. Yields 36 cookies. $13. Mezcla para galletas de avena.

338 Snowflake Cookie Cutters Create festive and fun snowflake cookies in a variety of sizes! Perfect for sugar cookies, baked goods, and even fun sandwich shapes! Nest for easy space-saving storage. Stainless steel. Set of 6. Range in size from 5" to 1" W. $12. Molders de galletas.

336 Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix These cinnamon-y, sweet, and buttery cookies will make you nostalgic for Grandma’s kitchen on holiday mornings. Box. Yields 36 cookies. $14. Mezcla para galletas de snickerdoodle.

339 Sugar Cookie Mix America's favorite sugar cookie mix! Irresistible, crisp buttery cookies with a delicate vanilla flavor. Box. Yields 36 cookies. $14. Mezcla para galletas de azucar.

337 Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix Not your ordinary chocolate chip cookie mix! Filled with rich, delicious chunks of melted chocolate goodness. Box. Yields 36 cookies. $15. Mezcla para galletas de Chocolate chunks.

Free shipping available at See website for details.

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Making gourmet quality meals at home starts with the SAUCE! Skip the take-out and create 5-star dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen!


Boozy Bacon Barbecue Sauce Thick, rich, and zesty with bits of real bacon, onion, spices, and a dash or two of smooth bourbon. Slather it on beef kabobs, pour it on racks of ribs, or serve it on the side as a dip. One taste, and you'll want more! 11 oz. bottle.

Maple Chipotle Grille Sauce Award-winning, best-selling sauce that adds the sweet flavor of maple with a kick of fiery chipotle to grilled vegetables and meats. This distinct combination has earned this chipotle marinade the Outstanding Savory Condiment Award. 11 oz. bottle.

Sesame Teriyaki Sauce Add a wonderfully unique, savory sweet dynamic to any of your dishes. Loaded with organic tamari soy

sauce, roasted garlic, toasted sesame oil and wildflower honey, this sauce works as a marinade, dipping sauce, or in soups or stews. 11 oz. bottle. See our complete Stonewall Kitchen product line at

3 4

Freshness You Can Taste Sustainable Storage... Meal prepping and food storage have taken on a whole new meaning these days. While many storage containers boast about their durability, few hold up to the challange of being airtight and leak-proof. Our storage solutions are made from sustainable resources, are microwave-safe, and lock in freshness. Simply put, we have put the lid on storage.



Bamboo and Glass Storage Collection Made of durable borosilicate glass and sustainable bamboo lids, these multi-use food containers will quickly become a household favorite! The glass containers can withstand a high degree of temperature change safe to go from freezer to microwave or oven without the risk of cracking. Eco- friendly bamboo lids feature a tight silicone seal for spill-proof storage and transportation. Stack and nest for space-saving storage. Dishwasher, microwave, oven (safe up to 500°F), and freezer-safe. Boxed. Order by item number below:

380 Rectangular Glass Containers with Bamboo Lids - Set of 2 Glass container dimensions: Large 6.4 cup (8.5" L x 6.5" W x 2.5" H), Medium 4.4 cup (7.5" L x 5.5" W x 2" H). $35. Recipientes rectangulares de vidrio con tapas de bambú - Juego de 2.

381 Round Glass Containers with Bamboo Lids - Set of 3 Glass container dimensions: Large 4 cup (6.75" dia. x 2.5" H), Medium 2.8 cup (5.75" dia. x 2.25" H), 1.7 cup (6.75" dia. x 2" H). $35. Recipientes redondos de vidrio con tapas de bambú - Juego de 3.

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Collection Effortlessly Stylish







353 Garrett Satchel in Saddle 354 Rosegold Allie Bangle Wallet/Wristlet 355 Snake & Saddle Hampton Ave Tote 350 Leopard Duffie Overnighter Bag 351 Olive Lenox Saddlebag & Guitar Strap 352 Indigo Brittlebank

3 6

Most of the Charleston Bags ™ Collection includes 1 or 2 free bonus bags. Check them out online. Our gift to you !


352 Brittblebank Tote Bag Set - Includes two bonus bags


Organizers that make life infintely easier

356 Wine Tradd Drawstring Bucket 357 Glennplaid & Saddle Claire Convertible Tote

Have friends & family shop online at

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Comfy, Cozy, & Always Stylish Cold weather calls for accessories to keep you warm and cozy while looking brilliantly stylish! Incredibly soft fabrics and exclusive designs, perfect for your holiday gift list. Visit us online at for more winter accessories!









358 Tan Tartan Scarf 359 Houndstooth Scarf 360 Sandstone Cheetah Sweater Scarf 361 Greytones Herringbone Scarf 362 Red Tartan Scarf 363 Black & White Window Pane Scarf 364 White Winter Plaid Scarf 365 Winter White Sweater PomPom Beanie

Look for the blue

throughout the catalog for

our exclusive Boutique Collection!

3 8

Must-Have Wristlets & Accessories

Cozy Winter Beanies in All The Latest Styles

Charging Tassel Key Chains

Stylish Jewelry She Will Love

3 9 We ma ke i t s i mp l e t o f i n d s g i f t s y o u c a n wa i t t o g i v e ! S h o p o n l i n e a t www . c h a r l e s t o nw r a p s t o r e . c om

Candles Worth Melting For Richly aromatic 100% soy candles made with only the finest essential oils and fragrances. Shop our full collection online at




382 Oasis Black & White Glass Candle An enticing blend of orange, pineapple, mango, and raspberry finished off with notes of sandalwood and violet create this perfect oasis! Poured in our beautiful black and white petal patterned glass jar. 100% soy wax blended with essential oils. 16 oz. (4" H x 3.75" dia.), 60-65 hour burn time. Lead-free single wick. Gift box. $28. Vela con aroma a Oasis blanco y negro. 383 Gilded Faceted Glass Candle This elegant gilded faceted candle is a statement piece you'll be proud to display or gift. Features a stunning chrome finish and a refreshing seasonal Plaid fragrance. 35-45 hour approx. burn time. Reusable, recyclable glass jar. 20 oz., 4" dia. x 4" H. Fragrance notes: Plaid- a seasonal blend of fresh citrus, gorgeous freesia, soft violet, creamy musk, and essential oils. Boxed. $37. Vela con textura facetada. 384 Peppermint Inclusion Candle Beautifully hand-crafted candle using a generous inclusion of real peppermints. Fragrance notes: crisp peppermint, vanilla bean, and a warm cup of cocoa topped with sweet whipped cream. Hand-crafted 100% soy wax blended with essential oils for a luxurious fragrance creates a unique candle every time. Designed with a soft wax core and a hard wax outer to only burn down the center, leaving the outside intact. Includes a reusable glass tray to protect surfaces from damage. 40-50 hours approx. burn time. 25 oz; 4" dia. x 3-3/4" H. Boxed. $28. Vela con aroma a menta.

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385 Fall Delight Red Jar Candle Our festive fall delight candle will spice up your holiday décor. 100% soy wax. Lead-free wick. 30-40 hour approx. burn time. 8 oz; 3" dia. x 3.5" H. Red glass jar with a silver metal lid. Boxed. Fragrance notes: Crisp apples, spicy cinnamon, vanilla bean, warm amber, and ground cloves blended with essential oils. $22. Vela con ahora a otono. 386 Sweater Weather Canister Candle Nothing is cozier than curling up with a nice warm sweater and a great smelling candle - except combining the two! Our Sweater Weather candle comes in an adorable off-white cable knit ceramic jar, with an eco-friendly bamboo lid. 50-60 hour approx. burn time. 12 oz., 4" dia. x 4.5" H. Reusable and recyclable. Boxed. Fragrance notes: rich mahogany, Bergamot, lavender, patchouli with woodsy and warm amber notes. $26. Vela Sweater Weather. 387 Balsam Fir Inclusion Candle Beautifully handmade using 100% natural soy wax, real balsam fir and tiny cone pieces for a richly aromatic experience! Fragrance notes: balsam, pine, cedar, Bergamot, vanilla, and warm amber blended with essential oils. Specially crafted to tunnel burn down the center, keeping the outer inclusion display intact. 50-60 hour burn time. 4" dia. x 3-3/4" H. Includes heavy-duty, clear glass catch tray. Lead-free single wick. Gift box. $28. Vela con aroma a pino. 388 Metallic Holiday Candle Trio Set of 3 includes silver, copper, and rose gold metallic glass jars. Each candle measures 2" dia. x 2.5" H, 2.4 oz. with a 25 hour burn time. Boxed. Trio de velas metalicas. Fragrances: Vanilla Woods (spicy)- warm vanilla meets sandalwood and cedarwood with notes of oriental musk and patchouli. Fresh Cut Holiday Tree (woodsy, sweet)-a woodsy blend of pine, cedar, juniper, and cypress topped with light florals and soft amber. Cranberry Kiss ( floral, fruity)- iced cranberry, red apple, raspberry, powdery violet, sweet greens, and warm vanilla. $25.

4 1

Or d e r o n l i n e a t www . c h a r l e s t o nw r a p s t o r e . c om

Home for the Holidays Stockings hung by the chimney with care, Holiday décor everywhere! Find Christmas cheer and more at

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4 3

Make Your Gifts Shine From metallic inks to embossed patterns and beyond, Charleston Wrap UltraHeavy ™ gift wrap takes holidays and special occasions to the next level. Whether you're looking for something contemporary and bright, classic and elegant, or something in between, our wide range of holiday and all-occasion designs ensures there's something for everyone!

389 Stylish Santa & Lights Roll Wrap JUMBO Reversible Ultra - Heavy ™ paper. 60 sq. ft. (24” x 30’). $13. Santa con estilo y luces - Papel de regalo reversible.



390 Metallic Red Leopard Roll Wrap Reversible UltraHeavy ™ paper. Metallic ink. 32 sq. ft. (24” x 16’). $11. Leopardo rojo metalico-Papel de regalo metalico reversible.



391 Winter Berry & Snowflake Roll Wrap Reversible UltraHeavy ™ paper. Metallic ink. 32 sq. ft. (24” x 16’). $11. Baya de invierno y copo de nieve-Papel de regalo reversible.



392 Here Comes Santa Paws Roll Wrap Embossed Reversible UltraHeavy ™ paper. 32 sq. ft. (24” x 16’). $11. Aqui viene Santa- Papel de regalo con relieve reversible.



Find Over 100 Wrap Design Choices online at

4 4

All Rolls are Reversible !

All accessories shown in this catalog are available here or online!

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Ou r w r a p s a r e e c o - f r i e n d l y , p r i n t e d o n 1 0 0% r e c y c l a b l e p a p e r , a n d p r i n t e d w i t h wa t e r - b a s e d i n k s .

Personalized Gift Wrap, Gift Tags, & More Available Exclusively Online

4 6 Ou r w r a p s a r e e c o - f r i e n d l y , p r i n t e d o n 1 0 0% r e c y c l a b l e p a p e r , a n d p r i n t e d w i t h wa t e r - b a s e d i n k s .

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