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LogIT Explorer 2 - Wireless Datalogging



LOGIT EXPLORER 2 LogIT Explorer 2 is the updated version of the hugely popular LogIT Explorer datalogger for primary and lower secondary school use. Now with Bluetooth technology. Simple and easy to use, Explorer 2 allows stand-alone data recording of Light, Temperature, Sound and Pulse in any situation – whether in the classroom or outside in the playground, school field etc. With its backlit LCD display screen, Explorer 2 can equally be used in darkened rooms or bright sunlight. It is also compatible with Explorer 1 sensors, for those who already have these. • Can be used as a stand-alone unit or linked to iPad, PC and MAC devices via the supplied software (Win/Mac/IOS compatible) • Displays data trends on the inbuilt screen • Data can be shared afterwards, if required • Comes with built-in Temperature, Light and Sound sensors, along with a Pulse monitor, allowing live and logged data to be viewed • Software can be downloaded from LogIT World website • Includes a built-in Stopwatch, providing greater functionality • Includes a built-in timed Maths quiz • Includes auto-off feature – unit switches off if no data received for approx. 10 minutes • Allows timing events of Speed and Time without additional hardware other than a torch or bright light • Additional sensors available for Explorer 2 include: Temperature Probe; IR Heat probe; pH probe; Voltage sensor; Motion sensor • Requires 2 x AA type batteries (not supplied) • Dimensions: 130 x 90 x 40 mm@ Explorer 2 Software LogITworld’s own software, SensorLab for Explorer 2 is available for iPad via the APP Store. This allows data to be transferred or viewed live on iPad via bluetooth in graphical form, and basic levels of Timing using the built in light sensor. Data can be easily exported/copied to other programs e.g. MS Excel. iLOG Junior is designed to make data-logging attractive, fun and rewarding for pupils. The software can be used to collect, display and analyse live data as well as previously collected data from Explorer 2. It works with many different sensor inputs, including Temperature, Light, Sound, Motion and Voltage. A unique movie window lets you link the data, or the sensors, to engaging animations that appeal to younger children. Using these animations pupils can be motivated to explore the use of sensors imaginatively; to contemplate the meaning of graphs, shapes, patterns & trends and use measurement to investigate science. Download from www. Explorer 2 can be purchased a single unit starter pack, a 5 pack and a 10 pk. The 5 and 10 pack represent much better value as they include site licences for both pieces of software: Explorer 2 Starter Pack includes - 1 x Explorer 2 datalogger, 1 x ear pulse sensor, 1x 2m fibre optic cable, lanyard and single user software licenses for SensorLab and iLog. Supplied in a Gratnells Smartcase with a LogIT Multi- foam insert. Explorer 2 Five Pack includes - 5 x Explorer 2 dataloggers, 5 x ear pulse sensors, 5x 2m fibre optic cable, 5 x lanyards and site licences for SensorLab and iLog. Supplied in a Gratnells tray with 2 x LogIT Multi-foam inserts. Explorer 2 Ten Pack includes - 10 x Explorer 2 dataloggers, 10 x ear pulse sensors, 10x 2m fibre optic cable, 10 x lanyards and site licences for SensorLab and iLog. Supplied in 2 Gratnells trays with 4 x LogIT Multi-foam inserts. This is 2 Five Packs! Cat No. Sensor Price Per 1 DAT-600-100 LogIT Explorer 2 Starter Pack 274.96 ea. 2 DAT-600-200 LogIT Explorer 2 - 5 Pack 1208.86 5pk 2 DAT-600-300 LogIT Explorer 2 - 10 Pack 2305.56 10pk 3 DAT-650-100 Explorer 2 Temperature Probe 23.34 ea. 4 DAT-650-150 Explorer Pulse Rate Sensor 86.54 ea. 5 DAT-650-200 Explorer 2 pH Sensor & Probe 99.00 ea. 6 DAT-650-250 Explorer 2 Voltage Probe 23.52 ea. 7 DAT-650-300 Explorer 2 Motion Sensor 106.26 ea.








Explorer 2








Explorer 2 Starter Pack

Explorer 2 Five Pack






Explorer 2 External Temperature Sensor

Explorer 2 with Ear Lobe Pulse Sensor






Explorer 2 External pH Sensor


Explorer 2 External Voltage Sensor





Explorer 2 Motion Sensor

Fibre Optic Cable supplied in each pack


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