Breckland Scientific 2023 Catalogue


Principles of Electricity


1 LASCELLS BRIDGE RECTIFIER SYSTEM A must for the effective demonstration of this important circuit. The unit contains a bridge rectifier circuit with LEDs showing which diodes are conducting during each half cycle of the a.c. supply. The clear front panel label shows the current path at each stage through the on-board load resistor. In addition there is a smoothing capacitor which may be switched in as required. The unit may be powered from a 6V d.c. supply (mains or battery) with the connections reversed for each half cycle. A better approach is to use a slow Signal Generator (about 1Hz) or the A.C. Waveform Generator, which allows the signal to be paused at any point in the cycle. Cat No. Description Price Per ELP-315-100 Bridge Rectifier System 56.67 ea. 2 LASCELLS AC WAVEFORM DEMO A unique teaching aid for the concept of alternating current. When a 12V d.c. supply is connected to the input the output can be varied from +6V to -6V under manual control. If the wheel is rotated at steady speed a full a.c. cycle is covered which may be displayed on a centre-zero voltmeter, CRO or data-logger etc. It is also ideal for use with the Bridge Rectifier System or any other low-current circuitry. If rotation is ceased the output remains at the level selected facilitating circuit analysis. The system used also allows for the demonstration of digital to analogue signal conversion. Cat No. Description Price Per ELP-265-100 AC Waveform Demo 68.10 ea. 3 DEMOUNTABLE TRANSFORMER A large scale transformer, ideal for classroom. The coils are fitted with intermediary outputs providing many transformation ratios. Consisting of 1 magnetic circuit made up of highly permeable U-shaped metal sheeting which can be closed via two clamps with tightening screws. Section: 40 x 40 mm. Length 150 mm. Height 170 mm. • One coil of 600-turns, I max: 2.5A. Mains for the transformer primary. • One coil of 72-turns, I max: 12A. intermediary 6, 30, 54 and 66-turns outputs. • One coil of 1200-turns, I max: 1.25A. intermediary 400 and 800-turns outputs. • One coil of 6000-turns, I max: 0.2A. intermediary 2000-turns output. Supplied with a power cable. Cat No. Description Price Per ELP-100-100 Demountable Transformer Kit 418.25 kit 4 DEMOUNTABLE TRANSFORMER COILS To extend the experiments with the demountable transformer kit. Cat No. Description Price Per ELP-150-100 Demountable Coil 50 Turns, 4A, 0.15Ω 45.56 ea. ELP-150-150 Demountable Coil 100 Turns, 2A, 0.55Ω 47.05 ea. ELP-150-200 Demountable Coil 200 Turns, 1A, 2.5Ω 47.05 ea. ELP-150-300 Demountable Coil 1000 Turns, 0.3A, 39.5Ω 47.05 ea. ELP-150-350 Demountable Coil 2000 Turns, 0.05A, 445Ω 53.55 ea. 5 C-CORE & CLIP COILS Inexpensive range of coils designed to be used with Westminster Kit type laminated C cores and clips. Coils are made from Tufnol with 4mm socket connections. The laminated c-cores are held together with a strong spring steel clip which also provides stability for whichever 2 coils are in use. Cat No. Description Price Per ELP-160-220 Set of 5 Coils 180.10 5pk ELP-160-240 C Core & Clip 18.44 ea.






Lascells Bridge Rectifier System






Lascells AC Waveform Demo







Demountable Transformer Kit





Demountable Transformer Coils






C-Core & Clip Coils


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