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O N - SITE M EdIcAL c ARE – T HE d OcTOR IS IN ! side effects and interactions, which may be difficult for the patient to manage alone. On-site primary care allows for a complete review of the patient’s ongoing plan of care thereby reducing risks from medications, and improving understanding of On-site primary care visits from a medical provider help establish a more per sonal doctor-patient relation ship. Seeing patients at their place of residence allows the provider to work with the on-site care team to monitor medications more closely, evaluate living space for possible safety issues, and get a better sense of how the patient is doing in general. care team collaboration with other on-site service partners such as home care and hos pice staff also allows for bet ter communication and effi ciencies in care for these patients. the full picture of the patient’s health status.


n-site medical care is designed to meet the unique and growing needs of patients living in residential care com munities. Residents of care communities more often than not, have complex chronic conditions, memory issues, and multiple medications requiring close oversight by a physician care team. By using a collabora tive, team-based, on-site, med ical care program, it is possible to reduce the need for emer gency room visits and trips to the hospital which leads to sig nificant improvement in the overall care of the patient and peace of mind for their fami lies. for those with loved ones in residential care communities, it can be a daunting challenge to transport them to a clinic setting for regular office visits. If there are complex care needs, multiple specialty visits can add to this burden. It is not unusual for patients in res idential care communities to experience fragmented care with lack of overall care plan oversight. If multiple doctors are involved trying to manage a variety of chronic issues, this can result in a number of pre scriptions, all with different

Those who reside in residen tial communities deserve com passionate medical care, social and psychological support, and awareness of their wishes. On-site providers have found that getting to know the patient at home, on a regular basis, helps accomplish this goal, and has an enormous positive impact on the well being of the patient.

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