2022-2023 Senior Housing Options


W HAT A RE Y OUR O PTIONS FOR S ELLING A H OME ? broad range in terms of quality and integrity among direct homebuyers. When considering who to work with, here are a few worthwhile things to con sider. 1. Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? The BBB does extensive qualifying to ensure every company they work with and promote operates at the highest level of integrity. 2. Are they local? There are many out of state buyers looking to pur chase properties as part of large institu tions and hedge funds. Out of state buyers take away affordable housing options for those living in Southeast Wisconsin. 3. How many houses do

s interest rates continue to rise, this will push down real estate values as buyers don’t get the same ‘bang for their buck’ when they pur chase a new home. As a result, many homeowners have decided now is the time to sell their home due to the shifting real estate market. Although most homes are listed and pur chased using a realtor, some fare better with a direct homebuyer. property in As-Is condition and has great flexibility with closing. for example, some homeowners have accumu lated generations worth of belongings and clearing out all the contents can be very overwhelming. Likewise, there are times the property has significant maintenance or repairs needed. Lastly, some just want the option to pick their exact sale date and, working with a direct homebuyer, they have the option to do this. In these instances, a direct homebuy er can be a great option. A direct homebuyer is some one who will purchase a

to work with someone who knows the ins and outs of doing direct to homebuyer real estate transactions. Ultimately, there are many options when selling your home. Many people consid ering selling will take the time to weigh the pros and cons of listing their home versus selling to a direct homebuyer. Often, when a home has been well main tained and updated over the years, and the sellers have the time and energy to clear out the contents – listing with an agent will produce top dollar. On the other hand, if a seller wants the relief of not handling cleanout and repairs – a direct homebuyer is a good choice. Selling your home is an exciting time as you turn the page and start your next chapter.

Article submitted by Erin M. Maney, 414 Homebuyers, LLC

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