Republic of Maldives

However since the Maldives are a Islamic nation, alcohol is effectively banned for the local population. However, nearly all resorts and live aboard boats are licensed to serve alcohol, usually with a steep markup. The expatriate liquor permit which used to allow expats to buy alcohol for their own consumption has been removed. The only place near Male, aside from resorts, where people can drink alcohol is at the Hulhule Island Hotel, commonly known as HIH or the airport hotel. Maldivians generally do not drink alcohol although this is less true of the younger generation. They are,

however, unhappy about being filmed or photographed while drinking. Tap water in resorts may or may not be drinkable -- check with management. Bottled water is

extortionately priced, with USD5/bottle being typical.


Accommodation in the Maldives can be broadly separated in to three categories 1) The tourist resort - by far and away the dominant sector, with over 30,000 beds as of 2015. Resorts come in many shapes and sizes catering almost exclusively to the package tour market. However

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