Republic of Maldives

instructors as the Maldives are well known for their strong currents and half of the time the currents will take you straight out into the Indian Ocean). Generally if you get a job with a resort then they will get you a work permit and pay for your flight, food and accommodation. They don't really have much choice-- it's hardly as if you can pop out to the supermarket and pick up a pizza for dinner. All foreign workers have to have a series of medical tests before you can start work in the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital. This includes a blood sample (lots of tests including HIV as well as x-ray etc.). It is quick

and easy but they are very uncommunicative about what they are doing.

Stay safe

Crime is rare both inside tourist resorts, and outside in Male and elsewhere. Generally Maldivians are honest, helpful and welcoming people although you are unlikely to come into much contact with them in resorts. There are no drugs anywhere in the resorts but most Maldivians have easy access to drugs, reportedly 50% of the young generation are drug users; there is a growing drug problem among the local population and so petty crime to support it has arisen. Take the usual precautions

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