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New CEO appointed

“Comtest won Fluke’s international awards for ‘best newcomer’and‘best distributor’in 2005 – the first start-up company ever to have done so. In 2010, Comtest acquired Instro- tech and Calog, effectively launching them into the process control industry,” Niemand recalls. “Comtest today represents 30 specialist test andmeas- urement companies from all over the world and inmost industries.” Enquiries: +27 010 595 1821

BAREND Niemand has been appointed CEO of the Comtest group of companies, succeeding

Peter Verwer, who retires in March 2015. This news was announced at Comtest’s 10 th anniversary celebrations Frommodest beginnings in 2005 and a staff compo- nent of only eight, Comtest has flourished and now employs over 55 members of staff. “Our key partners back then were Fluke and Midtronics,”says Niemand.

Barend Niemand, the new CEO of the Comtest group of companies, with Val Verwer (marketing director) and Peter Verwer (chairman) who retires in March.

THE collective force of the Electrical Contractors’Association of South Africa’s 5 000 members will add significant clout to the Safehouse Association’s aims: to clean up South Africa’s electrical industry. The ECA(SA) officially joined Safehouse on 1 February – a decision that was unanimously adopted at the ECA(SA)’s national executive meeting in November last year after“months of discussions”between the ECA(SA)’s national director, Mark Mfikoe, and Pierre Nothard, chairman of the Safe- house Association. Nothard says it is“a particularly good development”for Safehouse to ECA(SA) joins forces with Safehouse members through the ECA(SA)’s various regional offices. “Our members will be the eyes and ears for Safehouse; provide feed- back and, if necessary, initiate investigations into unsafe products and services by Safehouse. The ECA(SA) will monitor any investigations as well as any action taken against non-compliance.” Mfikoe adds:“Our members know they do not have to tolerate sub- standard products and lose money on projects. We are looking forward to action being taken against non-compliance for the benefit of members and the public alike.

have the ECA(SA) as a member because of“the extent of its membership in the industry, and the influence that contractors have in the selection of electrical products and compliance with installation regulations”. “It is our intention that the ECA and the Safehouse Association will work together and implement joint initiatives to combat the prevalence of sub-standard products and services in the country,”says Nothard. He adds:“I amparticularly pleased to get electrical instal- lations within the ambit of Safehouse’s awareness campaign and other activities; and I hope to get considerable input from ECA(SA) members in this regard.” Nothard has high hopes for the Safehouse Association’s alliance with the ECA(SA). He stresses,“It is important for the ECA(SA) to see results from its membership and, likewise, Safe- house would be disappointed if the ECA(SA)’s membership did not make a considerable contribution to the fight against the scourge of sub-standard products and services.” Mfikoe is optimistic that the ECA(SA) members will become strong allies of the Safehouse Association and provide feedback on substandard products so that Safehouse can act swiftly to have them removed from the market if they are found to be unsafe. He says that, in line with the Safehouse objective“to educate the supply chain and end-users”, Safehouse will inform ECA(SA) members about products that have been found to be unsafe. Mfikoe says ECA(SA) members adhere to the‘ Hand of Safety ’ motto, which includes using safe and approved products, ensur- ing the integrity of installations and the safety of the end-users. “Our members work with electrical products every day and they knowwhen products adhere to standards and when they do not – and our members knowwhich companies are selling sub-standard products,”explains Mfikoe. The implications of the ECA(SA)’s membership of Safehouse and the impact it will have on contractors is being conveyed to

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