EuroWire January 2018


The steel and wire industry is increasingly facing challenges due to the ever changing regulations being forced on the industry by global warming and other environmental issues. The recent United Nations Conference held in Paris in 2015 reached an agreement whereby participating countries would limit the rise in global temperatures to less than 2°C. The focus is on reducing CO₂ emissions. In addition the industry faces more challenges in the waste pollution to the environment from the use of chemicals throughout the making of wire.

Since the late 1990s our company has worked with wire- mills to help achieve the minimisation and elimination of chemicals and other environmental issues. Many of the changes included: • Removal of acid cleaning for rod. • No use of in line wet lubricant coating systems. • Recycling of any chemicals in wire drawing. • No use of acid and flux in galvanising. • Energy reduction programs through more efficient operating systems and technology uses.

Galvanising and Single Dip ZnAl Lines

Our technologies include:

High speed galvanising lines of DV200+ with Zinc, ZnAl5%, ZnAl10% single dip technology. No need to use acids or flux and also with reduced energy consumption. High efficiency, high and low temperature furnaces for low to high carbon wires. Electromagnetic Wiping (EMW®) for medium and heavy coating weight wires. Customer coating weights range from 150g/m² to over 600g/m², with over 65 systems now sold worldwide. Accurate, even coating for round and shaped wires. Lubricant conditioning (LCM) for wire drawing. This technology allows companies to maximise the wire drawing machine speeds by providing a conditioned lubricant well suited for the needs of drawing dies. Traditionally companies had to either dispose of used but good lubricant or just keep topping up the soap box which affects die life and potentially the

drawn wire properties. Now there is no need to throw away good lubricant which costs money and has an impact on the environment. Many of the machines are located in well-known wire producers. Depending on wire drawing practices we have been able to condition between 45% and 95% of the used lubricant. With our ability to control the granulation makeup of the lubricant we are able to provide for excellent die box performance. Improved lubrication of wire through the use of RSD technology which enables continuous improved lubrication of the wire allowing for better die life and increased machine speeds. Our people’s know how and experience has through consulting services enabled companies worldwide to save over USD30M by purely improving their existing technology and helping them to do things they were not able to do in the past.

If you want to move to the next level and meet the future industry demands come and talk to us.

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