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Stretching and Strengthening at Work

Testing health and fitness at work Measuring health-related physical fitness

The definition of health-related physical fitness involves exercise activities that a person can do in order to try to improve her or his physical health and stay healthy. The evaluation of health-related physical fitness in different populations, including workforce, is a fairly common practice by a sport-for-health professional. There are several reasons to evaluate each component of health- related physical fitness. Some of the reasons may include:  Education of employees about their current level of health-related physical fitness,  Utilizing data from the evaluation to personalize physical activity programs,  Provide baseline and follow-up data to evaluate exercise programs at workplace, and  Motivate employees towards more specific action. Appropriate evaluation includes the assessment of several elements of health-related physical fitness, including body composition, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular fitness, and flexibility. Advanced assessment could incorporate the level of physical activity at home and work, health- related quality of life, and health-promoting lifestyle habits of workforce ( Figure 7 ), with additional outcomes may include biochemical profiling, blood pressure, sleep quality and many other variables.

Cardiorespiratory fitness

Health - promoting lifestyles

Body composition


Muscular strength and endurance

Health -related quality of life

Physical activity


Figure 7 | Health and fitness profiling for SPORT4H

Healthy weight and body composition Maintaining optimal body weight is strongly corelated to miscellaneous health benefits. From reducing risks from various lifestyle diseases to improving performance at home and work, a healthy weight is an upshot of healthy behaviors in many cases, including taking part in regular physical activity and/or choosing right low-energy foods. Besides weight in kilograms a person

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