Erasmus plus - Stretching and Strengthening at Work interact

Stretching and Strengthening at Work


Safety measures

All activities

Always do a warm up

• •

Always do a cool down routine

• Gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise • Keep fluid intake optimal


• Use comfortable shoes of appropriate size • Do not eat immediately before exercise • Refrain from doing exercise outside during the hottest time of the day in summer • Keep yourself visible, use headphones carefully during exercise • Take your cell phone with you • Always inform somebody about your whereabouts during exercise • Avoid exercising in unsafe areas, during a rush hour or traffic jams • Consider using sunglasses or protective creams during sunny days • Wear layered clothes • Choose cycle of appropriate size (e.g. being able to touch the ground with feet) • Learn arm signals for cyclists • Follow the traffic rules • Maintain your cycle on a regular basis • Check the cycle before every ride (e.g. breaks, lights, chain) • Always wear a helmet • Do not use headphones or cell phone during a ride • Choose rollers of appropriate size and check them before every ride • Learn the safe techniques, focus to stopping • Always wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, also wrist suspensors • Choose plain, wide and safe terrains, with no obstacles and crowd • Avoid rides in roadways or sidewalks • Keep the right side during a ride • Ride with a fellow in case of need • Do not hook up to a bicycle, motor bike or other vehicles • Do not use headphones or cell phone during a ride • Avoid rides at night or through poorly-lit streets • Choose a fitness club who employees licensed professionals • Choose a gym with safe, well lighted, ventilated and spacious rooms • Always wear an appropriate fitness gear (e.g. remove jewelry, buckles) • Select a fitness program that suits your level of fitness and affinities • If you exercise at home, check the reputation of the author of the video • Follow the program as closely as possible • It is mandatory to have fundamental swimming skills • Do not use alcohol before or during an exercise session • Follow the rules at the swimming site (e.g. pool, lake, see beach) • Use googles • Do not swim if feeling tired, cold or after spending too much time sunbathing • Avoid swallowing water from a swimming pool • Use swimming cap, ear plugs or remove water from the ears after swimming • Do not swim in crowdy sections of a pool • Always take a shower before and after a swimming session • Do not swim while having diarrhea • Never swim alone in open water • Check the water quality and temperature • Do not jump into the water • Consider using protective cream during sunny days • Use life jacket when being active on water (e.g. sailing, rowing, fishing)



Skate rollers

Group exercise


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