Erasmus plus - Stretching and Strengthening at Work interact

Stretching and Strengthening at Work


Introduction | Getting and staying active for heath Health and lifestyle diseases

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Physical activity and health

Tackling physical (in)activity at work

Physical activity interventions at workplace: open questions

Low back pain at workplace: a case study


Testing health and fitness at work

Measuring health-related physical fitness Healthy weight and body composition

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Cardiorespiratory fitness

Muscular fitness: strength, endurance and flexibility Measuring physical activity and sedentary time

Additional health profiles

Exercise safely: tips and advices

Improve flexibility at workplace Start safely and smartly

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General recommendations Neck and spine exercises Upper extremity stretches Lower extremity stretches


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Improve muscular strength during working hours General recommendations

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Standing upper body exercises


Neck and spine exercises Lower body exercises

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Mat exercises for glutes and back Mat exercises for abdominals Mat and office exercises for upper body Whole-body exercise at workplace


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Being active at home and during leisure

How much physical activity is needed for good health?

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Walking or cycling to job Home and leisure activities

Cut being sedentary

Exercise for special populations Older population

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Adults with disabilities

Socially disadvantaged groups

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