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Stretching and Strengthening at Work

Whole-body exercise at workplace Besides flexibility and strength, it is important to improve the hart- and lung condition one or two times per week. This can be done with jogging, biking, a football game, but also with cardio fitness, a spinning class, steps and other group classes on music. For people who want to work on their conditioning individual, you can join many web-video workouts online. In this chapter just a few exercises that are possible to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Attention! When you want to do these exercises at the office, plan them at the end of your working day, because you are going to sweat with these exercises.

1. Jumping Jack

Starting position: Stand with the arms to the sides and feet about hip-width apart  Jump up while spreading the legs apart and raising the arms to the sides  Land and then spring back to starting position  Bring the legs back together and lowering the arms

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