Erasmus plus - Stretching and Strengthening at Work interact

Stretching and Strengthening at Work

 Walk or run while enjoying music from headphones  Reward yourself with attractive destination, change the tempo movements, change the track  Dance! At the dance club, at your home, at a party  Be more active in the garden or in household  Forget about the elevator and moving stairs, use the stairs

 Install and use fitness app for your mobile phone  Search the Internet for quality home programs

 Get yourself a pedometer to track the number of steps that you take  Try a new recreational activity (e.g. Zumba, yoga) or new sports

20 min of vacuuming


60 min of dancing

25 min of cycling

45 min of walking

Figure 22 | Home and leisure activities that complements the recommended amount of weekly activity.

Cut being sedentary The public health authorities suggest reducing total time spent in sedentary activities while avoiding long periods of inactivity at both home and professional activities (EU Physical Activity Guidelines , 2008; WHO , 2020). Overall, more time spent in sedentary behaviors is associated with increased mortality risks; it may be appropriate to encourage adult men and women to engage in less sedentary behaviors, with fewer than 9 h per day being relevant for all-cause mortality ( Ku and co-workers , 2018). Several ideas that might help you to fix a sedentary lifestyle are shown below:  Limit the amount of time spent in front of the screen for all ages  Remove TV and computer from the bedrooms  Choose what you want to watch on TV, don’t select the programs at random  During prolonged sitting, get up and walk more often  After a certain number of pages read, stand up and walk around  Stand or whenever you can walk instead of sitting (e.g., when making a phone call)  Instead of communicating with colleagues by email, take a walk to their office  Change your workstation for standing desk or fitness ball seat  Organize business meetings as walking workshops rather than sitting presentations

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